Prom Is Hell

Footloose came out in 1984. We saw it before we got our periods and even way back then the premise seemed antiquated: Could places where dancing and music were forbidden really still exist, when we live in a such modern world with Walkmans and drum machines? So imagine our surprise at this week’s news story about a kid getting suspended from his Christian high school for attending his girlfriend’s prom at another school where rock music and dancing are — cover your ears! — actually allowed. We jumped to the left, then stepped to the right, put our hands on our hips, brought our knees in tight and did the pelvic thrust because we were suddenly in a freakin’ time warp. (Also because this kind of thing just makes us want to dance out of spite!)

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  1. If this were my kid, I would hire a lawyer and sue the school for depriving him of his state-mandated, much needed education over bullshit.

    I can’t believe people think this way in the 21st centruy. Bible belt? More like moron belt.

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