Quickie Advice: How Can I Feel Sexy While Pregnant?

photo via Flickr

Last week, we were on Kiss FM in Toledo promoting 150 Shades of Play and fielding listeners’ questions. There were some good ones we wanted to share them here on EMandLO.com this week. So each day we’re featuring a quick question with some lightening advice from yours truly. Today’s question:

I would like to feel sexier while pregnant…any ideas?

Have your baby and then send them off to kindergarten. By then you should be finally feeling sexier.

Seriously, some women feel great when they’re pregnant, and others feel awful. If you’re more in the latter category, you’ve just got to try to embrace the crazy miracle of it all: revel in having new curves, appreciate all the extra blood flow in your nether regions that can actually increase your libido during pregnancy, and feel the power and beauty of the amazing life-giving force within you!

And definitely do pregnancy appropriate exercises — that’s going to keep you feeling much better throughout the pregnancy, and the better you feel the more likely you are to keep wanting sex.

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