Rejoice, Sex Toy Sales Are Recession Proof!

vibrator_plastic_manphoto by Guido Alvarez

We couldn’t be happier to learn that the recession is apparently not impacting sex toy sales. Turns out women would rather wear last year’s jeans and use this year’s vibrator to get to their happy place. Sanity, at last! For years we’ve been telling women that it’s toad-licking crazy to spend more than $100 on a pair of designer jeans and then shaft your genitals (as it were) with a cheap knock-off sex toy.

We don’t mean that you have to get a 24K gold vibrator like Kate Moss did. And you certainly shouldn’t spend $1.8 million on a diamond-encrusted sex toy like David Beckham did for his wife Victoria. (We guess some people just need to spend that much to convince themselves that using sex toys isn’t sleazy or dirty. Newsflash: It’s not. Now go treat yourself to a Nea and donate the rest to world hunger, please.)

But you do need to spend a little bit of money to ensure that the toy you’re using is actually intended for pleasure (and not for “novelty purposes only,” like so many cheap plastic gimmicky sex toys). We have grand plans to tell you all about our favorite sex toys, both new and old, on this site, but for now we’ll just say this: Shopping at a clean, well-lighted sex toy shop, especially one designed to make women at home, is a great start. We heart GoodVibes, and so should you — because they don’t want you shafting your genitals either.


  1. I am from Germany and I am also happy about your blog. The best page I found in Germany is dildo.de – but its not comparable to yours. So thumb up for you!!!


  2. Just seriously wanted to thank you ladies for all you’ve done to spread the gospel about quality sex toys. When I bought my first sex toy(s), I thought that the selection at my local shop (a mildly terrifying place with a back-room chock full of novelties) was all that I had to choose from. Then, partially in part to my reading your blog/books, I learned that material really does make a difference and it’s worth paying a little bit more to get a well-made toy that’s easy to clean. I ended up disposing of the toys I had purchased from my local shop and investing in some new toys made with silicone. Added bonus – I feel sexier using my new toys (which are awesome and could pass as objets d’art) than any toy that shared a display wall with a three-foot novelty penis. And I’ve been passing on my knowledge to my friends – which includes a suggestion to read this blog. So, yay for Em and Lo.

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