Safer Sex for Seniors

Check out this amazing PSA — we can’t even get into half of these positions! Their enthusiasm, willingness to experiment, and flexibility is something we — no matter what age — can all learn from.

Earlier this month saw the launch of SaferSex4Seniors.org, an online collective of professional sexuality educators, researchers, authors, trainers, counsellors and therapists across the country aiming to educate and inform the 55+ crowd on how to make sex safer. After all, research has shown that in the past 5 years, the rate of STDs among active seniors has risen over 70%! The site has FAQs, a list of resources for visitors, and an advice column. We recently asked Melanie Davis, PhD, the coordinator of SaferSex4Seniors.org (as well as a sexuality education consultant and owner of Honest Exchange LLC) more about the site and their sexual health campaign:

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  1. When I first saw this article on the home page I was thinking seniors, as in high school seniors. It made sense in my head with the prom season under way. Not that an article of that variety would really appeal to many readers here… Oh well. Maybe Em and Lo should do a piece about prom night lovin and it’s place in our culture. Just a thought.

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