Safer Sex Haiku Contest

You could win this Tantalising [sic] Lip Butter that can help save the world!

The Body Shop and MTV’s awesomely named Staying Alive Foundation have recently launched an STD awareness campaign called “Yes to Safe Sex” (we would have called it “Yes to Safer Sex,” but we’re sticklers like that). During the campaign the Body Shop is offering a “Tantalizing Lip Butter” tin for $8 and donating all net proceeds (approximately $5 per Lip Butter) to Staying Alive, the “charity that supports youth grass roots HIV and AIDs awareness all over the world.” Plus, they’re encouraging everyone to take three pledges: (1) talk openly and honestly about sex, (2) get clued up about safe sex, and (3) practice safe sex (if and when you do it). How can you poo poo that? You can’t! But you can haiku it!

Send us a haiku (you know the drill: 5-7-5) about safer sex by noon next Thursday, April 30th via this form with your mailing address (which will be kept private, cross our hearts), and you could be one of two winners of a “Safe Sex Grab Bag” worth $150 from the Body Shop, which will include that limited-time-only Lip Butter thingy (cue the singing angels!). Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction from knowing you’re helping spread the good word about safer sex, not to mention all the bragging rights that come from winning an online haiku writing contest. Aw yeah.


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