Switcheroo, a Clothes-Swapping Photo Project

photo “Mish & Colin” from the series Switcheroo by Sincerely Hana

We’re not quite sure what the point is of “Sincerely Hana’s” ongoing photography project called Switcheroo: Is it some commentary on stifling gender roles, on the power of fashion, on power dynamics in relationships…? The main thing we take away from it is that women, by far, have more freedom in what they can get away with wearing. But even if you don’t “get it,” the project is still super fun to look at.

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  1. Notice how their stances change too …
    the women tend to stand with their feet closer together, a pose that the men adopt when they switch clothes.
    I wonder if this was intentional on the part of the artist or a subconscious change

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