The 15 Best Romantic Dramas Streaming on Netflix

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to get in the mood for love. These 15 films currently streaming on Netflix can help. All are highly rated, with each getting a better rating than the next!
1. Blue Jay (2016)
If you like the prolific Duplass brothers, chances are you’ll fall for their black & white flick about high school sweethearts reuniting as adults and strolling down memory lane. Metascore: 69

2. Amelie
An adorable French film full of happy magic that will make feel all lovey-dovey. Metascore: 69 (aw, yeah)

3. The Way He Looks
A coming-of-age film from Brazil about a blind boy, his female best friend, and the new kid in town whom they both fall for. Metascore: 71

4. Remembrance
A woman’s marriage is thrown into crises when she finds out the long-lost love who rescued her from a concentration camp 30 years ago is actually alive. IMDB: 7.2

5. Summertime
The French daughter of rural farmers escapes to 1970s Paris where she’s exposed to feminism and Sapphic love — not exactly the kind of things an old-fashioned family will welcome with open arms. Metascore: 72

6. Everything Before Us
Two couples — one broken up, the other brand new — try figure things out in a world where the government monitors and rates everyone’s registered relationships. IMDB 7.2

7. Omar
A Palestinian Romeo must scale an Isreali-built border wall to visit his Juliet. Winner of the 2013 Special Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard category at Cannes. Metascore: 75

8. Adventureland
A recent college grad gets a crappy summer job at the local amusement park where he finds love in the disaffected arms of coworker Kristen Stewart. Any kids of the 80s will appreciate the time warp. Metascore: 76

9. Jane Eyre
Love is hard when your hunky Victorian groom already has a crazy wife locked away in his creepy mansion. Metasccore: 78

10. Beginners (2010)

Mike Mills, of “20th Century Women” fame, directs this story of a recently out father and his lost son, both trying to figure out love fairly late in life. Metascore: 81

11. Weekend
A quiet, realistic portrait of two gay people spending an intimate weekend together — and they’re not lesbians! Metascore: 81

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)
If Wes Andersen’s 1998 film Rushmore were streaming, we’d pick that, but his quirky 2012 film about two young runaways in love will do. 
 Metascore: 84

13. Atonement
An epic love totally ruined by a jealous little brat. Metascore: 85

14. Shakespeare in Love
Ugh, do we have to nominate a Gwenyth Paltrow film? It’s a charming love story with British accents, beautiful costumes and seven freakin’ Academy Awards to its name, including Best Picture! So while it pains us to do so, we guess we have to. Metascore: 87 

15. Blue Is the Warmest Color
This critically acclaimed film about young, imperfect love from France took a lot of heat for its treatment of lesbian sexuality by a straight, male and some say tyrannical director.  Metascore: 88


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