Top 10 Alternative Rom Coms, A.K.A. Chick Flicks Guys Dig

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to rerun a series of top ten lists dedicated to the film-genre equivalent of those little heart candies: the romantic comedy. Last Thursday, it was classic rom coms. Today, we continue with a less traditional list: movies that you might not automatically consider romantic comedies, but movies that are nonetheless funny love stories. And they appeal to everyone: chicks, dicks, even pretentious film snobs.

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Probably the most imaginative treatise on the tragic nature of love. It’ll blow your mind, break your heart and tickle your funny bone all at the same time. Kate Winslet is, not surprisingly, superb and Jim Carrey is, surprisingly, not annoying.
  2. Harold and Maude – We don’t care if it’s cliche. We don’t care if “Something About Mary” made loving it “mainstream.” This is one of the best black comedies ever made. And one of the greatest love stories ever told: a 1970s Romeo and Juliet. And that scene where Harold sticks his head in the sculpture is HOT!
  3. Rushmore – We could all learn something from the intensity and passion that teenage prodigy Max brings to all of life’s little projects, including love. We could also learn a thing or two about great zingers…Max (played by Jason Schwartzman): “I like your nurse’s uniform, guy.” Dr. Peter Flynn (played by Luke Wilson): “These are O.R. scrubs.” Max: Oh, are they?”
  4. Secretary – If you can get past the hardcore BDSM, the self-mutilation, and the public urination, it’s actually a very sweet little love story. Black comedy never hurt so good.
  5. Shaun of the Dead – Sometimes it takes an infestation of zombies to make a man the best boyfriend he can be.
  6. Knocked Up – Not since Adam Sandler has there been a less attractive (and thus less believable) male love interest than Seth Rogen. But take a hit off Judd Apatow’s bong, and you can start to see the appeal. And by the end of Knocked Up, you’ll totally be rooting for him and Katherine “Out of His League” Heigl to make it work. Plus, any (non-porn) movie that shows a vajayjay like that in all its glory gets our two thumbs up.
  7. Wall•E – Amazing animation, liberal political commentary, and possibly even a touching lesbian love story (at least, there’s nothing in the movie that definitively says they’re a “straight couple”).
  8. High Fidelity – Fortunately the movie makes the main character Rob (played by John Cusack) much more sympathetic and likeable than he was in Nick Hornby’s book. He’s still a jerk, but not so much that both sexes can’t thoroughly enjoy this film. Bonus: Jack Black is at his sidekick best (before his mania got grating).
  9. Amelie – Of all the movies on this list, this might be the one fewest American guys actually dig. After all, it’s French. And subtitled. But we’re betting there’s enough visual and cinematic innovation in it to keep many guys glued, girlfriend or not. Oh yeah, and there’s Audrey Tautou.
  10. Out of Sight – Fugitive falls for federal marshall — talk about opposites attracting! We know we’re pushing it by calling this a “romantic comedy,” but it is darkly funny. And Clooney is at the height of his hotness — which is really saying something.


  1. “Amelie” and “Eternal Sunshine” are two of my favorite movies of all-time, and I saw “Amelie” with my super-tough, “Man’s Man” ex-boyfriend, and LOVED it. Enrique’s right, though, “Hitch” should be on this list too–everyone I know who saw it–male or female–loved it.

  2. Wait a minute, I think you guys forgot about “True Romance”. All my guys friends and my husband are fans.

  3. Agreeing the Mr & Mrs Smith comment cuz it’s hilarious at times in dark or twisted ways.

    Also, worth mentioning:
    The Wedding Singer (my man is a fan)
    Alex & Emma (we’ve found it to be universal for the most part)

  4. Nope, couldn’t disagree more with the E&L list.

    Notable mentions (in no particular order) IMO:

    Gross Point Plank (Guns, assassins, Dan Akroyd and the highschool gf who is even hotter)
    Chasing Amy (Silent Bob & Jay and Joey Adams in the same plot)
    Saving Silverman (R. Lee Ermy and Jack Black)
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Yes, this is a Rom Com = Brangelina magic)
    Hitch (Will Smith and Kevin James hilarious)
    Fever Pitch (What men won’t do for sports)

  5. I really like this list. The thing is most of these films were rented first by the boyfriends–then they told me I had to watch them…does that mean they are chicks or I am the guy?

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