The 4 Physical Traits Found Most Attractive in Online Daters

We all have preferences for people we are attracted to, right? But have you ever wondered why certain types of people are just attractive and almost everyone’s type?

In the world of online dating, especially, you are connected to various types of potential dates, yet there are some users who get more attention than others. The world’s largest dating network, Badoo, decided to explore this phenomena.

Examining the dating habits of their 318 billion users from all over the world, “the research reveals findings on how dating habits compare and contrast around the world in regards to gender, sexuality and physical traits such as body type, height, eye and hair color,” says the study.

The findings differ only slightly between men and women. For men looking for women, these are the traits they seem to desire the most:

  1. The women are not too tall and not too short. Women who are between 5’3″ and 5’7″ are the most desirable and sexy, according to 48 percent of the users.
  2. They have brown hair. Contrary to popular belief that blondes have all the fun, it seems that a good 34 percent would engage with brunettes than women with other hair colors.
  3. They have an average body. We’re not really sure what “average” entails, but 40 percent prefer women with this body type.
  4. They have brown eyes. A whooping 52 percent would engage with brown-eyed women (perhaps sing “Brown Eyed Girl” to them).

Meanwhile, women would engage more with men who have these traits:

  1. They are tall. Forty-seven percent prefer men who are between 5’7″ and 5’11”.
  2. They have dark hair. A whooping 70 percent said they prefer their men with either brown or black hair (the whole tall, dark, and handsome trope).
  3. They have an average body. Again, we aren’t sure what they mean by “average,” but forty percent prefer men with these body types (maybe that means there’s no need to bulk up).
  4. They have brown eyes. Fifty-two percent of women prefer brown eyes to any other color. Both men and women seem to agree that brown eyes are the superior eye color.

All this is not to say that the natural blondes of the world should run out and dye their hair a dark chestnut. These are just averages. Remember, it’s often more fun to live on the edges.

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  1. 5’7″ is tall? YESSSS!!!!

    I don’t buy this though. Nobody prefers an “average” body over a hot one, as anyone who’s ever had a hot body – or the misfortune of losing the sex game to someone with a hot body – can attest.

    Guys who go from fat or skinny to buff get a MASSIVE boost in female attention, as do women who go from fat to thin. Oh, and guys who make fake Chad Thundercock dating profiles just to see if the same girl who played the prude earlier goes all “sure I’ll come over to your place!!!” (Hint: she does). Seriously, ask anyone who’s undertaken serious body transformation.

    What these stats show is most peoples’ inclination to go for easier pickings.

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