The Best Halloween Costume (Baby Or Otherwise) We Saw This Year

Mark Luczak is one of our favorite Wise Guys (everyday men who have given us the male perspective on love and sex issues since we began this blog back in 2009). As a Straight Single Wise Guy, Mark always responded to our advice questions — indeed every email we ever sent — with enthusiasm and humor.

We took a break from Wise Guys this past year and in that time Mark has become not only a Married Wise Guys, but a Daddy Wise Guy too! To let us know, he sent us the above picture of his new family — which also just happens to include THE best costume we’ve seen this year. Baby Dick in a Box? Genius!

We knew we missed our Wise Guys, but we didn’t realize how much until we got this holiday family photo. And so we’re bringing them all back (assuming they’ll have us)! Stay tuned for brand new answers to your pressing love and sex questions from our good old Wise Guys soon!

In the meantime, Happy Halloween!


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