The Best Sex and Love News of 2010

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Yesterday we told you about the sex and love news from 2010 that most pissed us off and/or depressed us — dubious studies, dubious reporting, and rampant STDs, et al. Today we hope to put a smile back on your face with some of the love and sex news that most inspired us. You’re welcome.

  1. A kink study finds that the majority of men are open to fetishes once you get them behind closed doors. Just don’t expect them to dish about it over Monday Night Football.
  2. College gals finally close the marriage gap — new research shows that white women with college degrees are just as likely to marry as those who didn’t graduate from college.
  3. Okay, so yesterday we told you that the web is “luring” more women into porn addiction — but there’s a silver lining. We finally have proof that women are visual creatures too!
  4. One-night stands can so lead to beautiful relationships.
  5. Kids of lesbian parents may fare better than their peers.


  1. @Johnny “women are total perverts behind closed doors” HELLS YES! 😉

    Also, the burgeoning acceptance of sex toys (including even light BDSM and restraint toys) for even “normal” couples for at least a big part of this. Even a little pocket rocket or bullet vibe in the bedroom will help a couple relate to each other during, after and even before sex. Rabbits aside (which IMO are not good partner toys, and are hyped beyond the quality most of them are made) a good penetrative vibrator, from Fun Factory, JoyDivision, LELO, even a silicone toy from Doc Johnson and a couple of masturbator sleeves or a cock ring for him will allow a couple to relate in a different way and sex will be better and more intimate. It isn’t just due to the heightened sensations, but the way one has to communicate with one’s lover when toys enter the relationship can bring both of you to new heights of intimacy.

    There so much to good sex. Being open to new experiences, often starting with either visual porn or written erotica and easily moving on to trying a few sex toys can do wonders for a relationship.

    Yay sex!!!! 😀

  2. #1 – well, duh. Did anyone not know that already? People find it surprising for some reason that women are total perverts behind closed doors.

    Which brings me to #3… women are getting pervier all the time, and I thank hardcore porn for it! This trumps any moral problems I may have with porn. Women watch it too, or get the trickle-down effect from their porn watching boyfriends (no pun intended) and they get ideas. Irresistable, kinky ideas.

    I’ve never seen this studied, but I’d like to, so if there are any scientists out there reading, here’s my thesis statement:

    More women than ever before will report having tried buttsex, swallowing, facials, threesomes, rimming, pegging, submission/domination, swinging, etc., and these rising figures correlate with skyrocketing porn consumption compared to only 12-15 years ago.

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