The Female Reproductive Tract Explained in Rachel Maddow’s Man Cave

Wait, that title didn’t come out quite right. “Man Cave” is not meant as a euphemism here, especially for Rachel Maddow’s lady parts (for several reasons). No, the “man cave” is just one of her dorky gimmicks whereby she tells her female viewers to take a break, pops a brewskie, puts up some sport paraphernalia and just talks to the dudes. (For a feminist lesbian, she sure likes to play-up gender stereotypes!) Her latest man cave episode a week or so ago involved explaining how egg fertilization happens within the female reproductive tract, because a lot of people — including Mitt Romney, as well as many God-fearing Mississippians — don’t quite have it down. Nor do they understand how many forms of birth control work — birth control many of them use!

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