The Hitachi Magic Wand’s Rival: The Wahl Vibe

wahl_vibeThe Wahl 7-in-1

Sometimes called the Wahl 7-in-1 or the Wahl Coil, the Wahl is second only to the Hitachi Magic Wand in the wink-wink, nudge-nudge, “no, really, it’s a ‘back massager” charade. The Wahl is coil operated, which means it’s lighter, faster, and waaaay quieter than the Hitachi. Like the Hitachi, a Wahl can last for years if you treat it right.

Officially, according to Wahl (and if you talk to our lawyer, this is what you heard from us), it’s not supposed to be used on the genitals — it even says so in the manual (at least it did, in the manual we got with ours a few years ago). Unofficially, well, women have been using it on their happy place for years, and responsible stores like GoodVibes.com continue to stock it, so we feel pretty good about turning a blind eye. Carol Queen, Goodvibe’s staff sexologist, told us a while back: “The Wahl Clipper corporation once had a Catholic priest on their board of directors, and the ‘genitals’ language is a sop to him. The company knows damn good and well what we sell these vibrators for, and they seem perfectly happy to continue to supply us.” Then again, Wahl told the ladies at A-Womans-Touch.com that some people have reported injuries after using their massager downtown, so proceed at your own risk.

The Wahl looks kind of like a handheld blender, and comes with a bunch of attachments for “scalp massage,” “deep muscle massage,” “spot application massage,” etc — all for external use only. The spot tool is best suited for external clitoral stimulation, though we’d like to add that the scalp tool gives a damn good scalp massage, too. One downside is that holding the Wahl for an extended period can make your hand go numb; but if it makes other body parts tingly in a good way, maybe you won’t care.


  1. I have a range of corded plug-in toys including the Wahl, Hitachi, Eroscillator, Wahl Deep Tissue and Vitec twin header and think the Wahl is best by far. Its quiet but strong, easy to hold, focused and it really vibrates my clit rather then vibrating on it, if you see the difference. OK the Hitachi is a little stronger and stimulates a wider area; the eroscillator is quite quiet and focussed; and the Wahl Deep Tissue has great power and speed adjustment but the Wahl (7 in 1) is perfect for easy, toe-curling orgasms when you want them quickly and don’t want the neighbours to hear! so reliable too as mine is about 8 years old and I estimate its been used well over 3000 times with no problems.

  2. Love the Wahl! Had mine for 15 years or so. Its the old Warm and Gentle version in white plastic but it has the same motor and attachments as current ones. That little baby has done its magic for me (with the spot applicator) and my husband (with the cup shaped applicator) so many times we must be talking tenths of a cent per orgasm at most! So much fun for so little and its still as new and so quiet! I should confess we replaced the cord years ago when it got damaged but that’s what $3 from Homedepot?

  3. nick i know the perfect toy.. its called spitting in your hand and beating it like a ginger step kid..

  4. I LOVE the Wahl for those “It just ain’t gonna happen.” times. (Never used to have those before perimenopause and treatment with the evil “Oxy” for pain) Nothing more frustrating than when that happens.

    My favorite is the “wavey” attachment. It hits many different spots at once, and on HIGH (my favorite speed) it can give stim to most of the spots that make a difference (vag, clit, anus etc) all at once.

    “Not for use in genital area?” LOL! We have used it for back massages, but it always ends up somewhere else.

    It isn’t as romantic as “sex” even sex with a regular vibe or more traditional looking sex tosy, but if you have “problems” coming, this Mixmaster will most likely get you where you want to be. And, if you are in a HURRY, it is the fastest way to come.

    A caveat: Don’t use it all the time (unless you were non-orgasmic before) because you can get desensitized to regular stimulation. But, for “those times” it is fantastic.

    Enjoy, ladies

  5. LOL You’re right, it does! However, don’t put the cupped part over your clit, use just the edge. And you might want to start with it at the lower speed (if the new ones have dual speeds). I have had mine for over 30 years now and it is still going strong.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that in that photo there, with that particular attachment, the wahl looks terrifying and like it would try to suck your clit off??

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