The Pill May Be Killing Your Orgasms

The following comment by reader “Maddy” came in response to the post “How Do You Round the Final Bend When Sex Feels Amazing But You Don’t Orgasm?

This was true for me for years — and I was afraid too. I was experiencing pleasure and feeling a build but right when I felt close to climax, it would start to hurt. Occasionally, the pleasure just went away.  The advice to clear my mind or figure out what felt good for me just made me feel sad and frustrated because it seemed like I had already done that — I was getting really close to orgasming and it didn’t feel like my brain was getting in the way, it was actual, physical pain that stopped the orgasm. I talked to my doctor about this and she suggested that the birth control I was on could be a factor. I switched from the pill to an IUD and after three and a half months (my doctor said it could take up to that long for the pill to fully cycle out of my body and it did take that long) I started having small, short orgasms. With practice and over more time, they grew in intensity and now I have them regularly. Maybe this was also due to a more hopeful attitude after talking with my doctor but either way, I would recommend talking to your doctor if you’re afraid of this being long term.

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