The Things We Won by Re-Electing Obama

It’s a great day to be a progressive American! So happy to know we’re moving forward in the 21st century, not backward to the 1950s. Last night, the two of us gathered with friends, ate chili, drank beer, watched the results come in, and at 11:15pm poured the champagne and played “We Are the Champions” on the stereo! Here are just a few of the things we all won:


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  1. Admittedly, we haven’t title this post very carefully. We’re talking about the way many races all across the country went in the direction of liberal, progressive ideals — and how great that was for women’s rights, gay rights, human rights. So, yes, Obama’s re-election may have been a separate race from all the Senate races women won, but his policies affecting women and gays (lily ledbetter, repeal of dadt, etc) were a part of movements that resulted in the first openly gay woman voted into the Senate and a historic number of women getting elected.

    As far as Romney not impacting any of the above, we can only go on what he said he would do were he president: get rid of Planned Parenthood (resulting in less access to family planning, contraception and thus causing more abortions), support a Personhood amendment and appoint Scalia-like judges to the Supreme court (which would certainly threaten the legality of abortion), repeal Obamacare (which means contraception would once again no longer be covered by health insurance), establishing marriage as only between one man and one woman (annulling 1000s of marriages across the country and taking away 1000s of rights for each couple). Who knows how successful he would have been, but we’re glad we’ll never find out!

  2. Of course, none of these things would’ve been impacted if Romney would’ve won. But you can keep your delusions if it makes you feel good.

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