Top 10 Baby Names for Future Kids Conceived on Inauguration Day

barack_baby_teesphoto by angela n.

Aside from a few inevitable “Yeswecan”s and “Nodrama”s that will surely festoon a birth certificate or two, we imagine there will be a handful of more palatable monikers experiencing a surge on baby name lists come October 2009:

  1. Hope
  2. Bo
  3. Chance
  4. Change
  5. Victor/Victoria
  6. Sasha
  7. Malia
  8. Fey / Fae / Faye
  9. Joe / Jo
  10. Brock

(And, of course, “Hussein” will become THE most popular middle name for boys and girls alike.)

Do you have any Obama-inspired names to add to the list?


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