Top 10 Dirtier Books

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A few weeks back we jumped on the Twitter hashtag #lessambitiousbooks bandwagon, with a list of our Top 10 Less Ambitious Sex Books (The Joy of Dry Humping, Slight Hangup About Flying, etc.). This time around we figured we’d create our own damn hashtag — #dirtierbooks — so that nobody could accuse us of being late to the game. The trick with #dirtierbooks is to be clever without sounding like a cheesy porno (The Da Vinci Load, A Tale of Two Titties, et al). Below are our top 10 best attempts. So, er, anyone want to jump on our bandwagon? (That came out dirtier than we meant it.)

  1. Who Moved My Cucumber?
  2. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret — I’m About to Masturbate and I Don’t Want You Watching
  3. The Masochistic Tree
  4. The Lord of the Cock Rings (okay, we admit that one’s walking the porno line)
  5. Wife-Swapping on Tuesdays with Morrie
  6. The Girl Who Played Without a Safe Word
  7. A Room with a View of the Neighbors’ Bedroom
  8. Oh, the Orifices You’ll Go!
  9. Bi-Curious George
  10. Men Are From Mars, Women Want to Do Them With Strap-Ons

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  1. Hey, I’d totally buy, and probably cheerfully promote, a book called “The Joy of Dry Humping.” Because ZOMG that’s just one of the most underrated things two people can do with, to, and for each other.


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