Top 10 Pickup Lines for 2012

Most of the contributions to the recent Twitter hashtag #2012PickUpLines were pretty uninspiring. (Exhibit A: “I’d like to buy a new router for you and your friend. And ‘Route Her’ and yourself into my bedroom tonight.” Er, okay, Beavis.) But we were inspired by Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson) of THE OFFICE, who tweeted, “Can I piggy-back on your WiFi?” Okay, we didn’t exactly pee our pants laughing, but something about imagining Dwight delivering that line worked for us. So here are our best attempts at 2012 pickup lines:

  1. Wanna have a three-way with Siri?
  2. Let’s do something worth blogging about.
  3. I bet I can make you climax in 140 characters or less.
  4. ur gr8
  5. You make me want to update my relationship status.
  6. Excuse me, miss, you dropped your Kindle.
  7. Let’s invent a new shade of grey.
  8. I only watch feminist porn.
  9. Didn’t I see you on OK Cupid?
  10. I want to click your like button.
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