Top 10 Reasons Why Wednesdays Are the Best Night to Get Laid

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In a recent article for the New York Times, statistician Nate Silver hooked up with OkCupid’s Nate Rudder to determine which day of the week is best to meet someone at a bar. They came up with something called the “sexual availability index,” and found that you’re most likely to get laid on a Wednesday night. So here are our best guess at why Wednesday’s the winner…

  1. The amateur drinkers and out-of-towners all stay home.
  2. There’s no pressure to do brunch the next day (or even stay over) when it’s a school night.
  3. Mid-week happy hour specials.
  4. People’s standards are lower because a Wednesday one-night-stand doesn’t count in the same way.
  5. You could go home…but do you really need to watch another episode of Mythbusters?
  6. Say you’re on a so-so blind date on a Saturday night — there’s so much more you could be doing. But on a Wednesday? Why not just go with the flow…
  7. People aren’t expecting to get laid like they are on a Saturday night, so everyone’s more relaxed.
  8. No line for the unisex bathroom, heh.
  9. Because you read that article in the New York Times too and now just the word “Wednesday” has a Pavlovian effect on your genitals.
  10. Hello, it’s called Hump Day!

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  1. “Girl… tonight we’re gonna make love… Know how I know? Because it’s Wednesday… and Wednesday is the night we usually make love…”

    -Flight of the Conchords

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