Top 10 Skills You (Should Have) Learned from Us in 2009

sex_position_statue_egypt2photo by sinabeet

Ladies and gentlemen, have you been taking notes? We didn’t think so. Well, you’re in luck, because we have a very organized archive and you can find all our how-to columns at the click of a link. If you were student of the year and showed up to every single day, here are the top ten sex and love skills that would now be in your repertoire. And if you were slacker of the year, just click on the handy links below to catch up. You’re welcome.

  1. How to buy a decent sex toy.
  2. How to spank your luvver.
  3. How to have a one-night stand.
  4. How to take naughty pics.
  5. How to split the bill.
  6. How to pull off a striptease.
  7. How to blindfold your partner.
  8. How to play with candles (a.k.a. how to embrace your inner goth).
  9. How to use economics to succeed on the pick-up scene.
  10. How to fake first-date confidence.

Stick around for lots more lessons in 2010 — and yes, there will be a test. In the meantime, don’t forget to eat more fiber. And that’s how it’s done.

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  1. Not knowing any better and being VERY much younger, and kind of broker, I needed to find a wedding gift for a couple. He was an Army 2LT, she wasn’t. Had to get them SOMETHING!
    Couldn’t imagine steel handcuffs would be that bad.
    Gave that gift to another couple too. Seemed the thing to do.
    Twenty years later, after being married ten years, I can imagine they might not’ve been the best gift to give. Inshallah. One hopes they were used…well?

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