Top 5 Love Lessons from The Bachelorette (The Finale)

  1. Rebound sex, or even a rebound relationship is understandable after a bad breakup. But a rebound engagement? Probably not a good idea (especially if you can’t stop crying throughout the entire process).
  2. Having equally weird families (overly aggro brothers, overly handsy dads, etc) can really bond a couple, because each can understand and empathize with the familial pain and embarrassment of the other.
  3. Being proud and having a sense of shame have no place in true love. If you have to get your nose adjusted on television with a really unflattering camera angle, you do it. If you have to read your crap “poetry” over and over again in public because the object of your affection enjoys it, you do it. And if you have to settle for second place, you do it.
  4. In all seriousness: Love doesn’t have to be hard. While a chase can make things exciting, if you’re really looking for a lifetime marriage, then the practical stuff (kindness, commitment, enthusiasm, stability, willingness to make a fool out of yourself for love by reading your crap poetry on national television over and over and over and over again) — is more important than the sexy stuff (mystery, stand-offish-ness, chiseled features, great hair).
  5. You should always listen to Em & Lo when it comes to all things relationship-related, because we speak the truth. (Exhibit A: our prediction back on July 23rd: “Juan Pablo is the next Bachelor! Not a lesson technically, just a fact.”)


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