Trailer for “Couples Retreat”

We will always have a soft spot for Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau for giving us “You’re so money” and “Baby’s all growns up.” And we want to love everything they’ve done ever since. But often, we can’t. Hello, Made? Likewise, we want to love “Couples Retreat” — after all, it sounds right up our alley: four couples, all friends, dealing with issues of commitment, love and sex. But if the trailer is any indication, it’s riding that fine line between brilliant and bad — and we fear it and its two leading men may fall on the wrong side of that line once again. We won’t know for sure until October 9th when the movie hits theaters. But we’re pulling for them. What’s your guess?


  1. Looks funny enough, except that I can’t really seem to get past their use of a major pet peeve of mine: massive disparity between how attractive the guys are versus how attractive the women are. Why on earth are ALL of the guys sporting bodies that are between the borderline-overweight to obese range, while all their middle-aged wives/girlfriends have matching trim and fit physiques? I absolutely despise that double standard. As is usually the case, this movie clearly draws all its comedic value from the male actors, while the women’s characters are significantly less developed–they’re just eye candy, really, and foils to their husbands’ caricatured douchey behavior.

    In a movie like Austin Powers, the aesthetic discrepancy is clearly part of the joke… in this one, I’m not so sure that it is. It looks to me like it’s some kind of reassurance for male viewers that the characters on screen have some of the same flaws they do–a little bit (much) of a beer gut, a little bit of a mid-life crisis, little case of a hairy back, couple commitment issues, some serious jowl-jiggling going on in the face–while still being able to BE THE MAN AND GET THE HOT CHICKS, UH-HUH.

    That said, I’d probably still watch it, though, once I get past the poor aesthetic choice (with paternalistic undertones).

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