Valentine's Blog Snog (02-13-09)

dogs_spooningphoto by Zevotron

A weekly roundup of sex- and love-related posts from some of our favorite blogs.

  • This Valentine’s Day, why not let your guy be the inside spoon for a change? He might not admit it, but we bet he’d love it. Just ask YourTango‘s Tom Miller, who’s man enough to say he wants to be on the inside, dammit.
  • The only kind of breaking up you should be doing this weekend is with your toxic sex toys. The greenies at Grist.org break it down for you in their catchy musical video, “Breaking Up with My Blowup Doll.”
  • Breakupgirl.net wants you to email a candy heart-o-gram to your sweetie. No chalky after-taste!
  • Are you as sick as we are of all those stupid “How to survive Valentine’s Day if you’re single” articles? Come on, it’s not like it’s cancer. Or as our friends at The Frisky put it: “Valentine’s Day sucks for single people.  Yeah, that’s what your disgustingly cute couple friends think, but they’ve got their heads too far up each others’ butts that night to look around and see how many people are out, single and ready to mingle!” Here’s their guide to getting laid on V-Day.
  • If your plans for V-Day booty include getting it on in the dorm shower, then College Candy has all the how-to’s you need. And god bless them for telling you to wear flip-flops to avoid a nasty fungal infection. Now there’s advice after our own (germophobic) hearts.
  • A big Valentine’s smooch to Nerve Scanner for reminding us of all the smokin’ hot women size 10 and — gasp! — up.
  • Finally, here’s a Valentine’s date night tip for ya: Don’t take your feminist girlfriend to dinner at Arby’s. In fact, we think it’s safe to say: Don’t take any girlfriend to dinner at Arby’s.

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