Virgin Dating Site Leaves Us Speechless… Almost

Browsing the dating site YouandMeArePure.com left us temporarily speechless, and then clutching for the right words to express our… awe? The top five things that boggled our minds:

  1. For grammar nerds who are bothered by the site’s name, the very first sentence at the top of the entire site helpfully explains, “YouAndMeArePure is NOT a sentence just in case you are checking for grammar. It is rather the name of our website. The name was carefully crafted from the beginning to express that we value both, people entering in relationships and virginity.” Okay then, that totally clears things up for us. Thanks!
  2. The tag-lines at the top of the page declare “Convenient way to find virgin people” and “No need to wander around to find them.” We searched everywhere on the site to see if either (a) the company is foreign-based and they use Babelfish to translate these uber-creepy calls to action or (b) this is one big hoax. But neither seems to be the case (though please do enlighten us if you know otherwise!). Which can only lead us to assume that these tag-lines are not so creepy to actual virgins?
  3. The gift store sells actual literal credit-card-sized V-cards “to represent the value of your purity.” Oh, and in case you were wondering, the store policy: “Sales are final. No returns. No refunds.” Could they really be serious? Do they have more of a sense of humor than we give them credit for? Or have they really experienced a glut of former virgins attempting to get a refund on their V-cards?

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  1. What a great idea.You could have hurt feelings and waste a lot of time with someone only to find out they haven’t waited.

  2. I’m a virgin male, 42 and would love to find a site for those of us that are still not to that point. However, the Pure site made me too uncomfortable to consider joining for 2 reasons. I’m an atheist and REALLY don’t like the whole God factor of the site and the whole virgin screening thing(what is that all about?) I get that they are gonna get impostors and might have to do some level of screening, but I’m sensing serious privacy intrusions are possible. I mean, are they gonna publish my name? Contact people I know? Kinda scary as this is not something I tell people about.

  3. Whoa! This is super creepy to me. Part of me thinks this must be a hoax. Just check out the store. Everything in the store is out of stock, including a membership gift card. Really? They ran out of memberships? Also, am I the only one who is seeing a penis with giant testicles on the backside of the V card in the store? Upon closer examination (which is what I do when I suspect it’s a picture of a penis with giant balls), it turns out to be their logo sideways. Let down.

  4. I am really creeped out by this site. It probably because it takes me back to growing up in an extremely religious enviroment that talked about virginity like it was an object to bring into a relationship, like oh you brough a set of fine china well guess what I brought VIRGINITY!If you want to save yourself or whatever then that’s cool for you but this site just takes it to a whole new level.( Virginity as an important common aspect between people can
    lead to close friendships,or can even serve as a mutual precious gift of
    marriage. This bonding power is something that cannot be purchased with
    all the money in the world.youandmearepure. now I feel like I don’t have anything to bond with others over since i’m not going to be able to discuss how I don’t have sex.

  5. Ha! No offense to virgins, abstainers, or anyone else who may not be having sex for a great variety of reasons, but did you check out the “success story”? I was curious: it starts with how they really didn’t like each other at first, then realized that they were “not threatened” by each other (leading us to assume that they otherwise felt threatened by non-virgins?), and now… “this significant aspect alone is a major reason that holds us together regardless of the differences that she and I may encounter in our lives.” In other words, I was terrified of most people my age, you came along and I didn’t like you but settled out of fear of having to address my virginity with a non-virgin, and I’ll stick around for now since I’m still grateful… Call me too romantic, but for a dating “success story” – really? Seriously?

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