Wedding Photos from NY’s 1st Day of Legal Gay Marriage

Our photographer friend David Jacobs (he took our deceptively flattering bio pic) was hired by Human Rights Campaign, the gay rights organization, to document New York’s first day of legal gay marriage this past Monday at Manhattan’s City Hall. HRC will soon have more on their site, but for now here’s a round-up of the day’s events by their National Field Director, Marty Rouse. And below is our friend Dave’s take on events (he’s not gay, but he’s married and does rock the occasional pink shirt with flare), followed by more of his cool photos of the happy couples.

Em & Lo: What was the vibe like?
David Jacobs: The vibe of the day was overwhelmingly positive —  there was a carnival atmosphere and everyone seemed thrilled to be a part of this historic occasion. Of course there were throngs, and it was hot and humid, but even so, every police officer I encountered was helpful and appeared happy to be lending a hand.

How about the haters?
There were only about half a dozen and they were wisely cordoned off to one corner, where they were largely ignored. (One cop told me in line at Starbucks, “There’re always a few assholes at any event.”)

Who was your favorite couple?
I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite couple of the day — I can’t say I really got to know any of them that well over the course of two minutes photographing them. Like any couple on their wedding day they all seemed to glow a bit.

Any other deep thoughts about this historic event?
Later there were toasts and speeches and celebrations. And if the law stands and the controversy eventually quiets down (which someday, I hope soon, both will), there’ll be the usual mix of bickering and laughter and monotony and delight that is any marriage, and everyone will wonder what all the fuss was ever about. But at least for a day it felt momentous, and worth fussing over.

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