We're Not Worthy!


Like many New Yorker subscribers, our weekly issues pile up like an ivory tower, but alas, there are dishes to be done, Lost episodes to watch and sex tips to write! Some weeks we barely get to the cartoon caption contest on the back page. Which is why a friend had to inform us of the highlight of our career, the ultimate honor which will surely make any future accomplishments pale in comparison: In the January 5th issue (“The End Is Near Sale”), Ariel Levy — author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, one of our faves, natch — reviewed the new edition of The Joy of Sex in an article titled “Doing It,” and mentioned (on page 2) our latest sex manual (holy crap!):

If you are young and sassy…you might enjoy Sex: How to Do Everything, by two women who call themselves Em & Lo and have a penchant for frisky wordplay.

Sure, Levy says there are endless alternatives, but of the endless alternatives, she only mentions three — count ’em — three! Of which we’re one! Combine that with what she says about the new “Joy of Sex” — “What was revolutionary in 1972 seems obvious now, and to present the material otherwise feels silly and square” — and it sounds like Sex: How to Do Everything just got an official (albeit oblique) recommendation from the New Freaking Yorker! We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

Okay, false modesty aside: We’d like to think that as a feminist writer, Levy appreciates the way we approach sex, in our book, as an egalitarian act between equals both deserving of pleasure and respect, the way we take intercourse off its pedestal as the be-all-end-all of sexual acts, and the way we have a bit of fun doing it. Yes, we’d like to think Ariel Levy likes us, she really likes us.

Even if she doesn’t, that shit is up on the fridge and staying there.


  1. Congratulations! You are now cognoscenti.

    This means that, in your next picture for the site, both of you must wear monocles.

    Seriously, this is wicked cool! (And I as well like much of what Levy says, though Jessica Valenti raises some good questions/critiques about some of it.)

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