What Should Everyone Try In Bed At Least Once?

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We’re working on a magazine article about things that every woman should try in bed at least once — your sexual bucket list, if you will. Have any of you tried any of the following things in bed? If so, will you write to us and tell us about it? Even just a sentence or two? We’re happy to keep you anonymous if you prefer. Bonus points if you’re British, as this is for a British magazine! We’re looking for stories about:

  • Have you ever role-played in bed? Have you ever done it in costume? Have you ever been inspired by Halloween costumes and let that carry over into a little saucy role-playing?
  • Have you dabbled in a little domination and submission? You know, playing slove, a bit of light bondage, bossing each other around in bed…?
  • Ladies, have you ever consciously had sex like a guy? You can interpret this question however you see fit!
  • Have you ever decided to forget about your (and your partner’s) orgasm for a night? You know, just focusing on how things feel without worrying about the destination?
  • Have you ever decided to turn up the volume in bed? We’re normally against letting porn dictate the way you have sex, but sometimes, making a lot of noise in bed (and shouting out really naughty things) can make the sex feel oh so dirty, in a good way. Know what we’re talking about?

If any of the above sounds like sex you’ve had — or sex you’d like to have — let us know! You can reach us using our contact form on the site here. Just be sure to let us know (a) a first name we can use for you and (b) your age. And please include an email address so we can reach you for follow-up. Thanks a million!

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  1. All great ideas to turn up the heat in the bedroom. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous give the lifestyle a try. You don’t have to go all out, just some fun flirting with another couple can be more than enough. Who knows, you may like it.

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