Who’s the Least Sexy Republican Presidential Candidate?

We thought about asking who the sexiest Republican presidential candidate was, but that seemed like an unanswerable question. “Least sexy” seems much more do-able…and more competitive. At last count, there were over 30(!) declared Republican candidates. We’ve narrowed them down to the biggest players. Polldaddy wouldn’t allow more than 11 options, so we had to eliminate a few doozies (Dr. Ben “The Earth Is 6000 Years Old” Carson, Carly “Fired from Hewlett Packard” Fiorina, John “Former Fox News Host” Kasich and Bobby “My Friend Had an Exorcism” Jindal). But there are still plenty of horrible options to choose from (the radioactive combover & spittle strewn volcano of hate being our personal frontrunner). Who’s the antithesis of sexy for you?

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  1. I feel like Kennedy, Clinton and Obama are the only presidents in living memory – maybe ever – to have any sex appeal.

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