Why Guys Are So Obsessed with the Twin Thing

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: What’s the deal with fantasizing about twins? (Coors Lite twins, Hef’s twins, etc.) How come the whole implied incest thing — a.k.a. “Twincest,” thanks, Gone Girl! — isn’t a turn-off?

Straight Single Guy (Colin): I think, for some men, having a set of twins is the American Dream. An international friend once told me that you can make anything American by just adding more. With this perceptive logic, a fantasy of one beautiful girl instantly becomes as epic as the untamed West, as landing on the moon, as the California Gold Rush, as soon as you add a second copy of the same girl. I think we all understand that most threesomes we fantasize about involve some enjoyable spectating of girl-on-girl, but when it comes to twins, the fantasy is strictly about us-on-them (or vice versa). They’re seeing each other naked, but I think we can all get over that if it means living the life our forefathers fought for. It’s a patriotic fantasy really.

Straight Married Guy (Matt): This isn’t a fantasy I ever really think about, but when it’s brought up — sure, hot twins sound great! And because it’s a fantasy, we don’t care about the implied incest, or the implied next-morning awkwardness or anything else other than the sex. I guess in this case I think less about the fact that they’re sisters as much as I’m thinking two identical hot girls catering to my every whim. What’s better than that? (Besides hot triplets, of course.)

Gay Committed Guy (Terence): Fantasizing about twins comes closer to winning the jackpot than it does to any implication of incest. Think of it this way: Can you really tell if two non-twins in porn are sisters even if the box tells you they are? Porn is not about authenticity. But when it comes to identical twins, well, that’s about as authentic as you can get. Pretty exciting, no?  I’d wager that most guys dissociate twins from incest. I’d wager a very simplistic, non-incestuous, “Dude, two for the price of one!” calculation runs through guys’ heads. And let’s face it, whether it’s lovely ladies, boxes of Cap’n Crunch, or a couple of airline tickets, “2 for 1” is an offer no one likes to pass up.

Em & Lo’s “wise guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week they’re all a little shy.


  1. Ha, well, on a purely theoretical level? The incest factor gets whitewashed in my mind when I imagine two hot twins. Like they’re clones or something, – two of the same hot woman, which is hot, not two separate individual siblings, which is gross.

  2. Ha, Johnny, yes, we might have slightly overstated things in the headline of this post! Then again, “theoretically hot for” just isn’t as catchy…

  3. Two identical hot women make a striking visual impression. That’s why they’re used in advertising. And while I’d bang a pair of hot twins if they magically appeared before me (twincest be damned), this isn’t a fantasy I devote any thought to normally. I don’t know any guy who’s super fixated on twins. I think twin fantasy falls well short of “obsession” for most guys.

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