Why We’ll Never Complain Again About Not Peeing Upright

awkward_boner“As if it were a surprise” by AwkwardBoners.com

AwkwardBoners.com is one of those genius sites that appeals equally to 13-year-old boys and, well, us. While awkward boners in public can be kind of creepy (like when the guy across from you on the subway has morning wood — one of many reasons why men should close their legs on public transportation), the image gallery on this site mostly just makes us glad we’re not dudes. Sure, there are your standard creepy pervs who get a thrill out of showing off their “accidental” erection (something tells us this guy knows exactly what he’s doing — he’s sunbathing in spandex, ferchrissakes!). But most of the boners captured for posterity here underline the fact that penises do the darnedest things.

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  1. Dear Em and Lo,

    It is sites like yours, redirecting us to sites like this, that makes the internet great. I can die a happy man now that I have seen 15 minutes of awkward boners! Alls I can say is: Jesus Christ! What the fuck is wrong with those people?


    Dr. Richard Cephalon

  2. Is that spandex? It looks more like standard cotton jams. (Based on personal experience spandex suits pulls one’s erection tight against one’s belly.

    Awkward boners are also not a laughing matter — they’re *awkward!*

    Which is funny when you think about it — men are supposed to be so sexually aggressive and all but I’m guessing all but the random sociopath (doesn’t care if he’s seen) or exhibitionist (cares a lot) wants anyone to know they’ve got a boner outside of a sexual situation.


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