Win $600 of LELO Swag… Now That’s Naughty AND Nice

Kimono by LELO; Sponsored Post

This holiday season, LELO wants you to share the gift of pleasure, whether it’s giving your partner a full-body massage or breaking out your favorite toy to share together. And if you need a little help in the bedside accessories department, then here’s your chance. LELO will ask three different questions about how you like to share pleasure, and the best answers will be put to a vote. The winner, announced the week of December 23rd, will receive a LELO toy (anything from their couples’ collection) a kimono, a massage candle, and a book — a booty haul worth more than $600!

The first assignment is to complete the following phrase: My simplest pleasure is….

You can leave your answers for Lelo in the comments section on this page. And watch the LELO News page or like their Facebook page for announcements of the next two questions.

In the meantime, get inspired by browsing Lelo’s collection of couples’ toys, specially designed to be shared, this festive season… and always. Because a sex toy is for life, not just for Christmas!



  1. Love these submissions! Unfortunately, the judges at Lelo went with another entrant as the winner. Personally, we feel you were robbed! Thanks for playing anyway!

  2. Erotica… read to me or sent to me via email or text at unexpected times by my boyfriend. With a few sultry words, we can set the stress of the day aside and remember that our shared pleasure should be a priority in our lives.

  3. My simplest pleasure is having my fiance wash my body in the shower. Smooth lathered hands…the heat…divine.

  4. My simplest pleasure is a quick, passionate make-out session with my fiance in the middle of the day

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