Wise Guys: What Should I Do with a Man’s Nipples?


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Advice from three of our guy friends. This week a straight woman asks,“What’s up with men’s nipples? Should I play with them or ignore them?”

Gay Single Guy (Jay Dyckman): When it comes to nipple play and men, it’s very easy.  Some love it, some hate it, and some will ask you, during said act, and in a flat monotone, if you are “trying to get milk to come out.”  (Yes, that was a total mood killer.)  It really depends on the guy.  It will send some into the stratosphere and some racing for the front door.  Like everything, you never know until you give it a test drive. And if your guy really hates it, let’s hope he has the wherewithal to just say “Skip the nip, please.”

Straight Single Guy (Tyler Barnett): In the film Meet the Parents, the great Robert De Niro casually asks Ben Stiller, “I have nipples Greg, can you milk me?” Funny as that may be, it makes male nipples seem a bit, well, out of place. While they don’t serve any biological function like their female counterpart, they do have a purpose. As a kid, the titty twister and the purple nurple were always fun. As an adult, when a lady moves her mouth from my lips to my nips it always sends a shiver of excitement down my spine. But too much nipple play can be a bit annoying and even painful for me. Some women like to bite ’em which, in my book, is not a good thing. So unless you know your guy’s into a little pleasure-pain, I’d say skip it. Here are a few nip tips for you ladies:

  1. Kiss em, lick em, but don’t bite!
  2. There are two, let’s not neglect one or the other.
  3. Don’t spend too much time with our nipples, it could get weird if we feel like you’re waiting for something to squirt out.

Straight Married Guy (Jim): I really can’t decide if I’d miss mine if I woke up without them.  My wife says she loves them about as much as my big toe or my bellybutton, both of which I would definitely miss.  If you don’t get any response from your guy the first time, they’re safe to ignore.

Our “wise guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Straight Married Guy is Jim from New York, our Gay Guy is Jay Dyckman, an LA copywriter, and our Single Straight Guy is Tyler Barnett, owner of the LA PR firm Barnett Ellman. To ask the guys your own question, click here.


  1. My wife will lick and bite my nipples when I’m making love to her and it makes my orgasms incredible. She can also make me climax though nipple play alone. I feel incredibly lucky to have such sensitive nipples.

  2. Well as much as the world hates to admit it, men do have. breast- and they are the exact same as a woman’s. Now have less breast tissue naturally, but they still have the nerve endings. Probably why men like having their nips played with.

    And men can produce milk, they just require stimulation. Now they probably cant produce enough to breast feed, but they can produce milk. Nipples ARE mammary glands. So yea.

  3. I luv having my nipples teased. I mean its amazing pleasure and mine get real hard during tickling or sucking, there very hairy and I thinks its men who pleasure them the best some chicks don’t play with them right, I got compliments on how big my nips are espesially when they are hard during sex,.

  4. My nipples. I don’t really know why. They have been a bit big and round since i was a child. When i was a teenager and i masturbate, i played with them to cum. So, when i have a girlfriend, i am honest with her, talking about my sensitive nipples. And it’s funny to see her licking them and biting them, cos it makes really horny.

    1. I have normal nipples but they are very very sensitive and they love to be loved by someone who would tickled them

  5. When my wife plays with my nipples when we’re fucking I cannot resist for long however much I try. She knows it will make me come every time.

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