Wise Guys: What's a Good Valentine's Day Present for a Guy?

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Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: What’s a good Valentine’s Day present for a guy? And please don’t say BJ. To ask the guys your own question, click here.

Gay Married Guy (Jon Ross): I just have to say a BJ. I can’t help it. We know you want roses, you know we want a blowjob. It might be obvious, but traditions should be honored and on Valentine’s day both flowers and fellatio should be in the picture to ensure an enjoyable evening for both parties. Moving beyond that, what I would truly love from my beloved are two tickets — one for me and one for him. Tickets to what, you ask? Well, whatever your man is into — is he a sports nut? Spring for tickets to opening day. Does he love Monster Truck shows? Time to shell out for Gravedigger. Does he like a fabulous Broadway show? Then you may want to investigate what kinds of bars he’s been hanging out at late at night. . .uh, no get him orchestra seats to the hottest new production! Especially if you are in a new relationship, this gives both of you the opportunity to share something he loves together. And maybe you’ll come away with a new appreciation for whatever it is he loves. Still, whatever you do, don’t forget the blowjob!

Straight Married Guy (Jamie): I’m a big believer that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be such a “gifty” holiday. It should really be about showing your partner that you appreciate them. A long, slow (topless, perhaps) massage is hard to beat. If your guy isn’t the touchy-feely type, but has a little metrosexual in him, find a place that offers a Delux shave experience like The Art Of Shaving here in New York. They offer The Royal Shave for $55 which includes a pre-shave facial massage, hot towel treatment, full shave, and an after-shave mask, and moisturizing balm. I’ve had it and it’s awesome!

Straight Single Guy (Pete): I think classes are a good gift. Maybe take a cooking class together, or buy a guitar lesson or a kickboxing lesson for him…something he’s always wanted to do. Another option is to plan some kind of a day that’s a few different surprise plans. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive — just something he’ll find fun rather than a chore. Maybe it’s cheap seats at an MMA or boxing match, or even just a guy movie. You know, something to make up for that time you made him come into the shoe store with you (you could even check out Attack The Back and get him some gear to start MMA training himself, and go with him to his first few sessions). Learning different techniques and their differences (such as the d’arce choke vs anaconda) could help out with a better physique but also provide a lot of mental strength as MMA training would usually do.

Honestly, if a girl came to a sporting event with me, had a few beers, and maybe even had (or pretended to have) a good time, I’d be smitten. Of course, the one way to ensure that it’s the best Valentine’s Day ever for a guy: a blowjob, followed by sleep.

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Gay Married Guy is Jon Ross; the other two are feeling a little shy. To ask the guys your own question, click here.


  1. I gave my guy my favorite aftershave, the one that absolutely turns me on. When he washed his face and put it on I knew that he was really into pleasing me. He gave me perfume and I did the same. The best valentines day ever

  2. i agree….BJ’s are very important…jus like going down on us is imperative. but as far as presents…ive bought like 8 chains (necklaces) and a week later never saw em again…so spending money on men is hard for me. but i do appreciate flowers…and a candle-lit evening..maybe a bubble bath. something sexy

  3. Wow Ryan, I thought I was the only one thinking about blow-jobs at 6am. You’re right oral sex should be an everyday thing. Every day is a special occasion!!

  4. A good steak and a blowjob is what my hubby gets; however he loves sweets too. For a woman who is dating and can afford it? A massage!

  5. You guys don’t get enough blowjobs. Oral sex should be a very regular part of a healthy sex life, not a special occasion.

  6. No question that every man loves a long, slow, sensuous blowjob. They love it, but we’re the ones really in charge. Men will never admit but every woman knows it.

  7. I would be floored if someone did what Samantha in the SATC movie did: toil away in the kitchen all day making sushi, then serving it off of hir naked body.

    of course fellatio sounds just as appetizing.

  8. While I certainly think, at this point due to the ubiquity and peer pressure, that it’s unwise to forget valentine’s day, I still think and will tell my women friends who put stock in it. THat Valentine’s day is the “monkey score” day. By which I mean that even a monkey presumably will remember to do something on Valentines day. What with all the media messages being pounded at us. So, I suggest you not date someone who needs to be reminded, but rather date the guy who does something nice on some random day. What is nice? Whatever works for you. If he knows you then he’ll know what that is.

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