World AIDS Day Is Today

Today marks “the beginning of the end of AIDS”:

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  1. Actually, Ella, Product (RED) is a pretty great idea to raise awareness about and money for AIDS from people who might not otherwise be exposed to the dire situation in Africa.

    (RED) is not a charity – it is a business – and as such, it is sustainable. By partnering with big name brands like Apple and GAP, (RED) reaches a broad audience through advertising mediums that would not be available to a non-profit.

    It is true that the amount of money raised through the purchase of (RED) products is perhaps not as large as one would like, but think of it this way: it is much easier to convince a person to buy a $25 shirt, knowing that a small percentage of the money will benefit a charitable cause, than to convince a person to donate $25 directly to a charity. The disparity in money raised is somewhat counter-balanced by the much wider demographic being reached.

    Buying (RED) products may not be as altruistic or monetarily beneficial as donating directly to a charity, but you were going to buy that new iPod anyway – so why not make it a (RED) iPod? You will feel good about your contribution and will have made a small impact by practicing regular consumer behavior.

  2. Really? So you spend something like $100 or more on a (Red)Gift and save babies from dying? Are you being serious? (How much of that goes to the actual cause, and how much benefits the companies?)

    I really, really like your blog – but that’s completely stupid.

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