Would You Dump Someone If They Didn't Like Your Friends?

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  1. my opinion is that the relationship between you and your partner is strictly between the two of you.
    it isnt a relationship between them and your friends.
    both your friends and your partner should be civil with eachother- if they create unnecessary fuss maybe they arent the perfect friends or partner you thought they was.

  2. Johnny is on point.

    I don’t care if she likes my friends. In fact it would be better for my fragile male ego that she doesn’t like them that much. Just as I’m sure she doesn’t want me buddying up with her friends.

    Friends are, to sound crude, an extension of the stuff we like. I like playing video games. It would be cool if my GF occasionally played video games with me, or cheered me on when I was. If she is constantly beating the crap out of me while playing video games, rubs it in my face, then starts picking video games for us to play together. Then we have a problem.

  3. My friends are a rather out-there bunch, and I wouldn’t blame my GF if she didn’t like some of them or others.

    That being said, she still needs to treat them politely (just like I treat her dumb yappy annoying friends who I don’t really like); she must refrain from confrontation with them (just like I do when her friends say something that I find idiotic but doesn’t specifically target me), and must let me lay into them if it’s unavoidable; and most of all, if she doesn’t want to be around my dumb friends, and doesn’t have to be, she should find something else to do (just like I do when she and her friends are doing something I don’t want to be around for).

    It’s not about whether your partner likes your friends. It’s about how they treat them, and whether they respect your relationship with them.

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