Your Call: A “Business Trip” Then a “Broken Foot” — Is He Lying?

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Dear Em & Lo,
Two months ago I met a man online, we went out on a first date and hit it off immediately.  We saw each other a few days later, and had sex after that date.  We continued to see each other over the course of the month two or three times a week.  He then went away on vacation.  Upon his return we made plans to see each other, but he had to cancel because of a work issue, which also took him on a long business trip.  He returned recently and contacted me, however we haven’t been able to see each other because he broke his foot.  He’s stated that he likes spending time with me, but he’s in an incredible amount of pain.  But he’s maintained a level of silence, by only responding to some of my messages. Having been down this road of being ignored by other men I am a tad paranoid about whether the leopard has new spots?    Is this just an extreme case of “He’s Just That Not Into You?”
–Lonely Leopard

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  1. It’s equally important to answer the question “does he want to see you?” as “why does he?”. It occurred to me that this guy might be a weasel, and could have other women he sees, or could just want to see you on his terms. My hope is that you’ll see the nature of the relationship, and if the two of you want different things, or if there are too many red flags, that you’ll find the strength to look for something better.

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