Your Call: He Doesn't Want Marriage or Kids. Should I Move On?

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Hi Em & Lo!
My question is, how do you know if and when it’s time to move on from a relationship you feel is going nowhere? By nowhere, I mean, he doesn’t want kids or marriage and he’s 50 years old. I’m 38 and although I don’t know if I want either, I still would at least like the OPTION of having both with someone I’m with BUT if he’s not thinking of having either in his future then I have no option at all if I stay with him. I know for some people this is a deal breaker but I’m not adamant that I want either right now so…what would you do? Oh, we’ve been together a year and a half. Thanks for your help and stay fabulous!
–Deal or No Deal

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  1. I am in a relationship with someone who is in there late 40’s I am 31. He has been married 2 times and has two children. I can understand why he does not want anymore children because of his age and the age that he would be when they would graduate. He also states he never wants to be married again. But I think it is because his past 2 marriages have not worked out. I think that with time all of that can change. And he has shown some interest in changing his mind, maybe one day. I will continue to enjoy the wonderful relationship we have. I have never been happier. And if that means living and being together without that little paper. Well I guess so be it.
    I think when you go through a divorce and see how hard it can be on each other, dealing with kids, child support and splitting of marital assets, there are reasons of why someone can be so hesitant on making that kind of commitment to anyone again. Especially if they were the one taken for a ride. Just be supportive, loving and enjoy life, and don’t worry about the things that really don’t change how you feel about one another.

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