Your Call: How Can I Stop Ice from Numbing My Fingers in Bed?

ice_cubes1photo by Kyle_May

Dear Em & Lo,

We’ve had exceptionally hot weather for the last few days and my boyfriend and I thought this was the perfect time to get some ice cubes from the freezer for a bit of kink. I absolutely adored the chilling touch of the melting ice, it was an absolute turn-on. Only…my boyfriend wasn’t quite as enthusiastic: he practically froze his fingers off and they started aching from the cold.

Lots of people seem to use ice cubes as a toy, it’s a spice-it-up tip that shows up everywhere, but they only warn you about how to not numb the receiver, there’s never a word about the giver. So how do you protect them from the icy pain? I can’t really picture taking ski gloves to bed (it lacks that soft skin-on-skin experience) and I’m short of other ideas.

We could limit our ice cube use to just chilling drinks, but I’ve had a taste, and I want more…

Love a Little Chill

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  1. I like the ice-popsicle idea. You could tell people it’s a weight loss trick… You are trying to convince your brain you get treats when it’s really just water. 🙂

  2. Buy a glass dildo/toy and put it in the freezer for a few hours. The end you’re holding warms up and the other end doesn’t.
    Or ice lollies. Bonus, you can eat it after.

  3. one word – popsicle. Put a few sticks in the ice cube tray. And prepare a good cover story for when people ask you why you have popsicle sticks in your ice cubes.

  4. There is a new toy on the market which combines the chill of ice with the vibrations of a bullet, with a handy holding cup to save your hands.

    I haven’t reviewed it yet but you can check it out here it is called the Touche Vibrating Ice http://www.bedtimeheaven.co.uk/cat-cat~17-paging~-order_by~-offset~0.htm

    The manufacturers suggest that you can also use it with chocolate for a slight twist.

    It’s going down on my list of toys I want to try.

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