Your Call: Pick the Official Term for Those Who Date Much Older People

old_people_signphoto by rileyroxx

A while back, in response to a sincere question from a 19-year-old vocab nerd who’s dating a 28 year old, we asked for your help in coming up with a term for her. We asked that it be something positive that suggested these women aren’t simply shallow gold diggers but may actually prefer the more mature company of guys who are older and wiser. Even better, we said, if it’s a term that could apply to both women and men who date older.

We got some great responses, as well as some reprimands from readers who thought such an endeavor was a cheap, immature joke at the expense of genuine relationships that were nobody else’s business, damn it! But we’re not judging here, we’re just trying to come up with a cute and catchy moniker that our original inquirer would be happy to apply to herself.

As far as we’re concerned, none of the following terms is offensive or derogatory. But we guess like the C word, it all comes down to the context of how they’re used. So whichever one you pick, use it with love.

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  1. “Gerontophile” is pretty well recognized as a proper word. I quite like it myself. The more so as each year passes, actually.

  2. well i would still be considered ageist,
    i refuse to date a woman who isn’t atleast 5 years older than i am.
    i’ve been called “whippersnapper” over that situation, i’ve also heard “youngin” and “boy-toy”
    but i’m starting to warm up to paleontologist,

  3. While writing the first comment I also thought Prejudice Impaired was a bit too universal but I could not think of a better word at that time.

    I would now substitute Ageist for Prejudice.

    I must admit though, for tongue-in-cheek, I do like whippersnapper.

  4. I think we should re-coin whippersnapper. It’s fallen out of use anyway so why not appropriate it.

  5. i think they are meant to be rather tongue-in-cheek.
    terms like cradle-robber, cougar, sugar-daddy/momma, are not all that flattering either but the terms are still heavily used.

  6. I have to agree, none of these seem very polite to the older SO in question. I disagree that the answer is prejudice impared, as there can be all kinds of other prejudice going on.

  7. None of the terms offered seem flattering. Each, when applied to a living person seems a bit demeaning. At least to the older person.

    How about one not listed.

    Prejudice Impaired.

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