Your Call: What's the Official New Word for You Know What

boobs_boltsphoto by Paul J. Everett

Last week, we asked you for alternative terms for the act unfortunately known as the “tittie fuck.” This week, we want to make it democratically official by having you vote on the best recommendations we received:

If you don’t see the poll, click here to take it.


  1. hahah! I like Melon Balling! From now on, in my English, it shall be Melon Balling! haha

  2. Well I don’t really ever use that phrase, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t instyle anymore. I’ll check back for the results!!

  3. Pearl necklace was disqualified because it isn’t the same thing… a pearl necklace is the *result* of melon-balling… or breast-boning… or boobie boinking… or whatever you want to call it.

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