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Your Call 6 days ago
We get a lot of advice questions coming in at, but sadly, we just can’t answer them all. Which is why, once a week, we turn to you to decide how best…

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. If you’ve got a good one, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg just might tell you what it means! Click here to submit yours (18…

Pop Culture 1 week ago
It's finally Spring! A time of chocolates, pastels, persistent urges, and adorable rabbits fucking like bunnies. As Mark Twain said, "It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And…

TV 2 weeks ago
Last night on Survivor, during a desperate attempt to throw a fellow competitor under the bus to save his own skin at tribal council, Jeff Varner outed Zeke Smith as a transgender…

How To 2 weeks ago
There's always a first time for everything. Tinder is a popular (if not the most popular) dating app that matches adults based on their Facebook profiles and locations, allowing…

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Must Condom 15 hours ago
Consistently rated one of the most pleasurable and reliable condoms available.

Must-Have Accessory 7 days ago
Hydrate in style after a rigorous sesh. Around $30.

Must-Have Accessory 2 weeks ago
Be dry, fashionable, and gay or gay-friendly! Under $25.

Must Read 3 weeks ago
The incestuous love story you haven't read by the author of "Lolita."

Must Kitsch 3 weeks ago
Classic 1976 scent. Wear it with irony. You'll still get un-ironic attention.