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Videos 2 days ago
    Roy Moore: Right Winger (Hair Band Meets Hypocrite)— Em & Lo (@emandlo) November 16, 2017     For more on shitty…

News 3 days ago
A lot of strides have been made in educating people, especially college students, about consent. Many now understand you have to ask for it throughout a hookup, it must be given enthusiastically…

News 4 days ago
This past weekend, over takeout and then later texts, some friends and I were discussing the Louis C.K. allegations. (Talking about sexual misconduct, assault and

Toys 1 week ago
Leave it to our friends at LELO to make a sex toy that addresses the misconception that the clitoris is just that little man in a boat you…

Do It Tonight 1 week ago
We regularly post quick and easy tips you can take home with you and try out on any given night. Whether you're a newbie, a playa,…

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Must Read 2 weeks ago
The Guardian UK included it their list of the 10 best sex manuals ever the history of the world!

Must Kitsch 4 weeks ago
Classic 1976 scent. Wear it with irony. You'll still get un-ironic attention.

Cool Shades 1 month ago
Wear your sunglasses at night with these 4.5 star–rated shades. Three-thousand reviewers can't be wrong! And you can't go wrong at $12.99.

MUST GIFT 2 months ago
Remove film, open EGG, remove lubricant, apply lubricant, insert, enjoy!

Beauty Prod 2 months ago
Astara's Radiance Renewal is like gold in cream form. It's not cheap, but you'll probably think it's worth skipping dinner out one night. Makes a great gift!