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aries (Mar. 21st-Apr. 20th) Your hormones are raging, you feel like you're the last virgin on earth, and you just want someone to listen to Depeche Mode cassettes,…

The following list of tips is intended for both women and men: The golden rule of manners as it pertains to dining downtown is this: consider it the…

Dear Em & Lo, I read your articles, and you give great advice to other readers, so maybe you can help me! My husband lives in another country;…

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: "When is it okay for a woman to fart in front of her partner?

by Professor Kimberly Resnick Anderson for YourTango Would YOU take the little pink pill? The FDA recently approved Flibanserin, also known as Female Viagra. This is the first-ever FDA…

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The first step is finding the place in your mind where you could picture leaving the relationship and being completely okay.

Depressed about the end of summer? Indulge in a little retail therapy and shop for seventies-inspired fall clothing.

As we age, we start to reevaluate the things we crave most in a partner, changing our entire perspective on dating and relationships in general.

Cut down on your pre-wedding-speech jitters by filling in these hilarious blanks. Don't forget the waterproof mascara!

You know what's more likely than a lasting marriage for Bachelor and Bachelorette stars? A dating advice book deal, that's what.

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