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How To 6 hours ago
by Chelli Pumphrey for YourTango Don't beat yourself up over breaking up! Sometimes a breakup can a slow, shaky, untangling of two lives, like a sticky cobweb wrapped around your fingers. You…

Pop Culture 1 day ago
In honor of the 10th anniversary of her Twilight series, Stephenie Meyers has just released a new edition, which includes a 400+ paged reimagining of the first novel with the…

Confessions 1 day ago
Reader Misty Marie posted the following in response to our post "Baby Talk: Intimacy Tool or Just Plain Gross?" It's kind of an intense story, and we think she's pretty brave…

How To 2 days ago
Jealousy is rarely a black and white issue, and it is rarely objective, either. What counts as jealous behavior to one person might be viewed as sweetly protective by another. And…

Say Amything 2 days ago
When we last left Amy, she was going to the hotel room of a strange man she'd met online -- the first relationship she'd had with a woman had ended and…

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MUST READ 41 mins ago
Yep, they literally wrote the book on sex! Sexologist Carol Queen and Shar Rednour demystify sex to make it fun and fabulous for just about everyone.

MUST HAVE 1 day ago
Halloween makes for one of the most natural segues into a little roleplaying, and here's a stylish way to do it, from AHAnoir.

MUST READ 2 days ago
A dialogue between a famous atheist and a former radical? A relationship how-to book for when you and your partner don't see eye to eye? Or both?

YOURTANGO 3 days ago
How to use your common sense and not abandon it just because Mr. Perfect meets everything on your check list.

A New Mode 6 days ago
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