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Advice 23 hours ago
[Editors note: FYI, we at prefer the term "ravishment fantasy" to further distinguish it from actual rape, since the difference has everything to do with the control Dr. Ley describes below.…

Confessions 2 days ago
Apologies if we seem to be beating off a dead horse here: our last Comment of the Week was related to penis size, as well. But we can't help it!…

What's Up Doc? 2 days ago
Dr. Kate is an OB/GYN at one of the largest teaching hospitals in Boston who lectures nationally on women’s health issues and conducts research on reproductive health.  She regularly (and generously!) answers…

Pop Culture 3 days ago
Was it because we sacrilegiously watched "The Bachelorette" sans wine for once, or was this episode particularly boring? That milquetoast tango scene was getting dangerously close to jumping the shark. Still, we were able…

News 4 days ago

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Whether you're just getting together or you've been married for 10 years, this box of 135 questions will inspire new, interesting and meaningful conversations about what makes…

Must Have 4 days ago
Organic, aloe-based lubricants in two light scents: Lemon & Vanilla (a.k.a. "Almost Naked") and Cinnamon & Vanilla.

MUST READ 7 days ago
Read this book of poetry because (a) it's beautiful; (b) it's classic; (c) it's dirty; (d) it's the book Monica gave Bill.

Smell Good 2 weeks ago
This vegan six pack made with organic ingredients and essential includes Oatmeal Almond, Lavender, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Peppermint, and Vanilla Orange.

Board Game 2 weeks ago
This take on the classic drinking game has 358 questions and 82 dares that allows you to get to know your friends maybe a little too…