How to (TRY TO) Female Ejaculate

Okay, before we tell you how to ejaculate, we have to set a couple things straight:

First, yes, women can ejaculate.

Next: no, not all women ejaculate. So if it doesn’t happen for you, please don’t stress about it or feel like your parts aren’t working properly. The last thing we mean to do is set up an unrealistic sexpectation. And partners, please don’t make it your “mission” to turn your gal into a geyser. It’s okay to give it the ol’ college try, but know when to give up.

Some women squirt across the bed, others barely trickle, still others find G-spot stimulation so painful or annoying that they never get far enough to find out, and many may not have the kind of equipment that would allow them to ejaculate at all. And that’s okay. But seeing as we’re always being asked how to make it happen, we thought we’d at least tell you how to try.

So, without further ado, here are our top ten tips for nurturing your inner female ejaculator:
1. Go for the G. Most women who ejaculate say it happens as a result of direct, firm, prolonged G-spot stimulation. Remember, while all women have a G-spot, not all women enjoy having theirs stimulated. If you’re one of those women, we recommend you give up now and try learning a new position or something instead. If you’re not, locate your G-spot on the upper, or front wall of your vagina, about two inches in. Curve your finger in a “come hither” gesture, toward the belly button.

2. Fly solo first. There’s less pressure and you can take as long as you want without worrying that you’re boring anyone. Not that this is boring, of course.

3. Use a tool. Once your partner’s involved, they might want to try a toy specifically designed for the G-spot, like the G-Swirl from GoodVibes or Lelo’s Mona. But really, any toy with that “come hither” hook is good–because most G-spots respond well to firm, steady, prolonged stimulation. And not all fingers can provide that.

4. Let it go. You’re going to feel like you’ve got to pee, but don’t worry about wetting the bed–if you’ve gone to the bathroom beforehand, there shouldn’t be a problem. But even if there is a little pee, is it really a problem? We’re all grownups here.

5. Bear down. Take “letting go” a step further by actually pushing out when you feel the urge to pee, like you’re in a pee-off and you’re about to take the lead.

6. Don’t block the exit. A large toy, a penis or a hand might cut off the urethral opening (and that’s where female ejaculate comes out — though as we’ve said before, it’s not actually pee). Keep up the stimulation, just get them out of the way as best you can.

7. Get hot and bothered. Being super sexed-up, overcome with lust, and engulfed in the flames of desire means a number of things: a) Your G-spot is easier to find and can take more pressure, which means more experimental poking. b) Your pelvic muscles are more relaxed, which makes it easier to let go. c) You’re more likely to have an orgasm, causing pelvic contractions which help expel the fluid. d) You’re super sexed-up, overcome with lust, and engulfed in the flames of desire!

8. Have an orgasm first. Ejaculating might be easier after your groin has already been warmed up and relaxed by an explosive O.

9. Make clean-up a cinch. Put down towels or a waterproof pad (you’ll find them in the incontinence aisle at the pharmacy) or a fitted vinyl or PVC sheet (available at most sex shops) so you’re not stressed about wetting the bed. Or do it in the bathtub; if you actually run a bath, the warm water will also help you relax.

10. Drink water. When you’re dehydrated, your body gets retentive with all its fluids, including female ejaculate. Just make sure you pee before you attempt any of the above in order to avoid having an accident.


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Personally, I’ve tried everything and nothing happens. Maybe I’ll go through these options and try again!


Ann, there is a too wet for me and a lot of guys don’t like it but some do, had a girlfriend once who would get so wet that when I hit the back end of her it would just slide and also it got so wet that it made me get soft some like being in a tub of water, I think that’s the real reason why guys don’t like it, makes them softer. Hope this helps you.

Me and my boyfriend tried stimulating my g spot last night. He was very patient and understanding. We read a little bit about what to look for and expect. After 30 min of him doung the “come hither” motion it didn’t work. However I went to the bathroom after intercourse and I was still aroused. I felt for my g spot myself and it was a totally different texture than I had ever felt because it was being stimulated. Once I located my g spot, I squatted down in the bathtub and put firm pressure on it. It felt like… Read more »

I actually think I can squirt simply because i litterly drip like crazy every time I’m penetrated. Im kinda feel like its left in there and just wanna squirt it out! Also, I get extremely wet and according to my ex, theres no friction. Is he just being a dick or guys don’t like when girls get extremely wet?


Best time ever would like to do it again once was not enough. I need to know does it take practice. Omg what can I use how long does it take and why did it take so long to figure this out. It’s the best

Just an FYI my hubby and I just discovered that I am a woman who can squirt!! Great experience but we have found the easiest and most faithfully way of producing this is simply to apply my vibrater directly to my clit you’ll have to find the right spot on u but when your there you’ll know. Also pee first! The first time we decided it would b more comfortable f I tried by myself that way I could relax and feel how my body reacted without having him watching! Have fun and explore your body ladies how will he… Read more »

I have been married for 20 years I am 39 years old, and it wasnt until last year that I had my first ejaculation, I honestly though I had wet my self.My husband was so very impressed and keen to see it again that he has been able to make it happen time and time again. I always know when he is in the mood as he has covered the bed with towels in anticipation. I highly recommend it if you are able.