What’s Your Favorite Music to Screw to?

Our Top 100 Breakup Songs post continues to be such a favorite on our site that we decided to call on you for more musical suggestions: This time your favorite songs and/or albums to have sex to. Leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and be sure to tell us what kind of sex the song is good for — slow, teary, face-holding love-making? Quickie sex? Ex sex? One-night stand sex? Kinky sex? Etc. We’ll compile and publish our favorites in the new year. Happy screwing!


  1. Slow and tender sex:

    – Tindersticks: “Another night in” or “If she’s torn”

    – Jean-Louis Murat: “Le baiser” (album “Dolores”), “Bang Bang” (with Jennifer Charles)

    – Elysian Fields: “Lions in the Storm”, “Bum raps and love taps” or “Last night on Earth”

    Kinky sex:

    – Lovage, “Strangers on a Train” (album: Music to Make Love to your Old Lady)

    – Madonna, “Justify my love”

    – Tindersticks, “Show me everything”

  2. Alphaville “Forever Young” for the more tender times, and Nickleback “Figured You Out” for the more rough stuff.

  3. INXS: Never Tear Us Apart or Mystify for tender, face-holding sex

    Paul McCartney: Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five for quickie sex (it’s about 5 mins, 30 secs and nearly impossible not to have an orgasm by the end.)

    Scorpions: Rock You Like a Hurricane for jackhammer sex

    Red Hot Chili Peppers: Sir Psycho Sexy for kinky sex. 😉

  4. “Glory Box” by Portishead, for “I’m just getting to know you and I want to show you how sexy I am” sex.

    Which is exactly why I am making this playlist.

  5. Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful” is a great alternative to the “cliche” of Barry White. Same slow seduction but with more intrigue!

  6. For me the most “making love” suitable song is Wicked Game by Chris Isaac or
    Blue Hotel by Chris Isaac, as well 🙂
    or very hot is the Fever and Feeling Good by Nina Simon…i think, you can not put foot wrong with anything by frank sinatra or steve martin or michale buble 😉

  7. Depeche Mode – Master And Servant
    Marilyn Manson – Heart Shaped Glasses
    Deftones – Change
    The Cure – Fascination Street

    For Kinky Sex!

  8. Lou, right on with the NIN. Another fave is “Watcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy” by Chris Ledoux. That’s good for fun/funny sex. For romantic sex, “Whisper My Name” by Randy Travis.

  9. You cant go wrong with “sexual healing”
    Deffo the Hot 8 Brass Band version. it’s a little less sleazy sounding and much longer.

    NIN- Closer !!! put this on. anytime. anywhere. like an animal.

    For sexytime minus bondage, Bebel Gilberto

  10. “Forbidden Love” by Madonna on her Something To Remember album,
    “I Want You” off the same album,
    “Indie Rokkers” MGMT
    “Time of the Season” the Zombies
    “Look” and “Roche” by Sebastien Tellier

    for best-relationship-of-your-life romantic sex 🙂

  11. being metal heads(<<well my favs)
    critical acclaim-avenge sevenfold
    bat country- aby avenge sevenfold
    dance with the devil-breaking ben
    mr. crowly-ozzy
    all for just normal…or cuddly smex

  12. “Cry to me” by Solomon Burke
    slow with lots of kissing

    “Heavy music” by Bob Seger
    “Come on, baby. We’re gonna have a real good time” sex

  13. Ditto on Nine Inch Nails for kinky sex. D’Angelo’s Voodoo for sweaty, sultry lovemaking. Lenny Kravitz Let Love Rule just to get it on. And Prince has a CD called Come. Guess what that’s about? Great, now I’m horny!

  14. Well during the just-getting-started part I like Candy Shop by 50 Cent… That just starts my motor fast for some reason. But during… Really anything with a beat to it usually. (I also really like Breaking Benjamin for this. Polyamorous is pretty frickin good during that rough variety of sex.)

    During sweeter sex I like 90’s pop (Evan and Jaron, etc). And I second the Garden State Soundtrack here.

  15. Soundtrack from La Femme Nikita (the TV series, not either of the movies) – B&D sex.

    Also good for this is “angry young men” music, with the occasional growling a bonus (Breaking Benjamin is really good at this).

  16. Garden State Soundtrack
    Theatre of Tragedy: Aegis
    Amorphis: Tales From The Thousand Lakes
    Final Fantasy: Has A Good Home
    Element of Crime: Romantik

    (These are all albums.) Um. What kind of sex? My favorite: The “Sweaty, sheet-tangled, forgetting what time it is, and even though I quit smoking really wanting a cigarette afterwards” kind 🙂

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