What’s Your Favorite Music to Screw to?

Our Top 100 Breakup Songs post continues to be such a favorite on our site that we decided to call on you for more musical suggestions: This time your favorite songs and/or albums to have sex to. Leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and be sure to tell us what kind of sex the song is good for — slow, teary, face-holding love-making? Quickie sex? Ex sex? One-night stand sex? Kinky sex? Etc. We’ll compile and publish our favorites in the new year. Happy screwing!


  1. Slow and tender sex:

    – Tindersticks: “Another night in” or “If she’s torn”

    – Jean-Louis Murat: “Le baiser” (album “Dolores”), “Bang Bang” (with Jennifer Charles)

    – Elysian Fields: “Lions in the Storm”, “Bum raps and love taps” or “Last night on Earth”

    Kinky sex:

    – Lovage, “Strangers on a Train” (album: Music to Make Love to your Old Lady)

    – Madonna, “Justify my love”

    – Tindersticks, “Show me everything”

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