Your Call: How Can She Stop the Harassment from Her Ex?

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Dear Em & Lo,

My ex-boyfriend’s new girl will not stop harassing me! It took me a while, but after 6 years (age 16 – 22) of verbal and physical abuse I finally broke up with my high school “sweetheart.” I moved out of the county (small town), stopped communication with mutual friends, and have not contacted him since. I now live over 1000 miles away. My ex and his new girlfriend (now fiance) continue these trash campaigns against me on Facebook and by prank phone calls — they get their entire family involved (did I mention I used to date rednecks?).

I have never met his new girl nor tried to contact her. The old me would have retaliated against them but I know it will only make things worse. But I can’t pretend that their hateful words towards me AND my family doesn’t affect me.

After one of their episodes, I contemplate for days on how to get revenge. I think of threatening them by releasing photos, videos, and letters because I know it will hurt her. I’ve considered posting responses on my Facebook that would showcase their insecurities and ignorance. But I know any reaction that I show will only create more drama and give them the satisfaction of thinking I still care. But I do care. I obsess for days on how to make them stop for good. I never go through with anything and eventually I forget about it. Then a month goes by and it starts again.

I’ve kept quiet for nearly four years. I’m completely fed up and they don’t seem to be moving on.  What could (or should) I do without compromising my integrity? Please help!

Thank you,
Head Held High

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2 years 4 months ago

The technology just makes it so easy to stalk and harass people. With the phone calls and online attacks recently with my ex, I think I want live in a cabin off the grid.

Dennis Chadwell
2 years 6 months ago

I have a female friend being constantly called, text, and recently mailed a letter by an ex-boy friend. She has gone to police but he has connections with local police and they swept it under the rug. I fear that this guy is going to eventually do something. He says that he is moving on but days later he is back at it. What should she do?

4 years 2 months ago

Sounds like Grace has the best advice! YOU don’t have to let this continue! Do yourself a favor and stop being the victim! Use Grace’s advice!!!!

4 years 2 months ago

HHH what is being done to you is against the law and it is called Harassment by Communication. It carries a 2-5 years manditory sentence. As for AT&T telling you they can’t trace the call that is a lie. There is no such thing as privacy with phones anymore. Also there is a different charge if they are using a cell phone to commit their crime. I found this out when I served as a jurer on a federal case. The defendant used his cell to commit crimes and their were phone records as evidence so naturally he was found guilty of those crimes. Go to the police or local District Attorney and have them get a court order to get your phone records. You will also need to document the date and time of the calls for the authorities. Also print out the FB stuff and present that to the authorities. I’m pretty sure these people are guilty of terrorism as well as stalking. Like I said go to the authorities. Another thing you can do is just don’t answer the blocked numbers and if you have to answer blocked numbers have something like a whistle to blow loudly into the phone with when you hear them on the other end, then hang up because they won’t be hearing well after that! Chances are that even if they aren’t saying anything they have their ear to the phone. LOL Maybe that will satisfy the need for revenge without getting yourself into trouble. It will at least give them an earache! LOL

4 years 5 months ago

Hey there

I dealt with someone posting very horrible stuff on facebook about a year ago. On this persons profile is a button saying block/report abuse. Slander counts as abuse and facebook has a policy on it. The made me fill in a form and provide details like date of post contents and reasons for complaint. They then go through a process which they keep you in the loop for. They analyze the persons profile and determine if you complaint is valid. If they find a problem they immediately permanently delete the offending posts. If the person re offends they block their account for 6 months and if again the person is found spouting abuse they are banned. The whole process is anonymous so I say give it a try.