10 Sexy Reasons to Love Iceland

image via Thuany Gabriela

Okay, okay, we know that Iceland really screwed up air travel with that volcano incident. And the collapse of their financial system was a major international bummer. But they deserve to be forgiven — check it out:

  1. Icelandic Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir just married her long-term partner, making her the world’s first national leader with a same-sex spouse. The wedding took place the day a new law took effect, which defines marriage as a union between two consenting adults, regardless of sex.
  2. Before she got married, her claim to fame was that she was the world’s only openly gay prime minister. But it was never a big deal in Iceland. Because, you know, it isn’t. Iceland has long been progressive in LGBT matters. All the way back in 1996, they passed a law creating registered partnerships for same-sex couples, which covered nearly all the rights and benefits of marriage.
  3. Icelanders read more books per capita than any other population in the world. Also, they invented the novel — a thousand years ago, with the Icelandic saga. Hmm… smart, well-read people who happen to be extremely tolerant, too — coincidence?
  4. Iceland is home to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, in Husavik. Which is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of phallic specimens — each lovingly stuffed and mounted — belonging to all manner of mammal, including whales, polar bears, shrews, and mice. There is no human specimen available for viewing yet, though the museum claims it has “legally-certified gift tokens for four specimens belonging to Homo Sapiens.” Meaning, when those dudes die, their penises will be bequeathed.
  5. Polls show that the majority of residents either believes in elves or is not willing to rule out their existence.

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  1. Bwa ha ha! So glad all my important bits are neatly tucked away…

    Iceland is on my top 5 list of places to visit someday, sounds very cool! You should read “The Thrall’s Tale” by Judith Lindbergh to get you in the mood, it’s set during the Viking age, is a bit dark in places, and does a great job of describing the clash of paganism and Christianity at that time (it’s fiction.) Not cheap, though (Iceland, not the book…). I looked into a “farmhouse tour,” where you stay in random B&B farmhouses as you drive the ring road, and they were $250+ a night, although maybe their current economy has made things a bit more affordable. Have fun!

  2. Thanks a lot, SS. Ever see that two-handed nut-clutch thing guys do when experiencing actual, vicarious or psychosomatic testicular discomfort? I did that while reading the above.

    I have actually been thinking of going to Iceland at the end of the summer, though. Sounds like a very cool out-doorsy place!

  3. This would *squee* you right out, then, Johnny. Not only can you see all of their muscles and assorted “fibers,” they are splayed open so you can see how they all attach…ew. However, seeing the balls hanging down on either side of the penis like two separate yoyos…that was educational, I assumed they were attached at the top, like two cherries on a stem. (Can you tell I was an English major??)

  4. I think I might have to visit a friend who is in Iceland. He tells me great things about the country and I can even enjoy the phallic museum.

  5. Ha! That way it can stay attached.

    I haven’t seen that exhibit. I tell people it’s because the bodies are allegedly unethically harvested, but really it’s because I’m squeamish about any sort of innards or gore. I can’t even look when the doctor gives me a shot.

  6. That’s quite selfish of you, Johnny. As an alternative, you might want to consider BodyWorks, that show of dead people whose skin is stripped off and they are covered in some sort of resin….I was very *impressed* with a few of the specimens…

  7. Iceland has been begging me to put my member on posthumous display, but I have already decided to take it with me into the afterlife. Sorry, phallic museum.

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