10 Steps for the Perfect Father’s Day Massage

The following is a low input, high impact Father’s Day plan, especially for those of you who haven’t done shit yet for this Sunday (yes, Dad’s Day is THIS weekend!). With a little finagling, you can prepare a relaxing, pampering evening for the father-fella in your life that he won’t soon forget!

1. Set the mood.

Pick the nicest carpeted area in your house/apartment (not necessarily the bed, as you won’t necessarily need that, at least not until later) and tidy it up — there should be no clutter on the floor, as that’s where you’ll be doing most of your massaging. Light a scented candle with an aroma you know he likes, dim the lights, and put on some of his favorite laid-back music.

2. Purchase some high quality oil.

You don’t have to get fancy, just a plain base oil will do: they’re simple and natural, made from just one product, such as almonds, apricots or grapeseeds (if you’re allergic to nuts, use apricot or grapeseed oil). Check out  Kusala Life Sweet Almond Oil , Primitive Sweet Almond Oil, or Beauty Aura 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil.

3. Sign up for “Melt: Message for Couples.”

Melt offers an informative, beautifully shot, sophisticated series of easy-to-follow instructional videos, available to stream online. And it’s on sale through this weekend! Receive a free head massage tutorial with the series. We promise you won’t get second-hand embarrassment watching this married couple, you’ll just be inspired to touch your partner a little more deliberately and thoughtfully to make your lives together better.Melt: Massage for Couples - A Great Father's Day Gift

4. Have a hand towel at the ready.

It’s good for wiping oil off hands or taking care of any excess or accidental spills.

5. Get rid of the kid(s).

Either send them to the grandparents or tuck them in for the night.

6. Pour some wine/whiskey.

It’s a special occasion, so dip into the good stuff!

7. Watch Melt’s tutorial videos together.

In each video, massage therapist Merkas — who has over 15 years experience and has been perfecting these techniques for mass audiences since 2006 — tells you clearly what to do and why.

8. Get rubbing!

Follow along with whichever tutorials tickles your partner’s fancy: neck, shoulders, back, feet. Don’t worry, all the videos are clean and tasteful, with no nudity or awkward moments.

9. Take it to the next level.

Pick up where Melt leaves off by letting your hands wander to various erogenous zones. Because if Father’s Day isn’t the perfect time for some extra loving touch, what is? Just remember, oils degrade latex, so if you’re still using condoms, beware!

10. Don’t expect your own massage on Father’s Day.

This is his day. You can ask for payback next weekend.

MELT IS ON SALE through Sunday, June 18th — you’ll receive a free head massage video with the purchase of the Melt Video Series for $99 (otherwise $123).

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