4 Good Reasons to Use a Toy for Prostate Massage

While the scientific jury’s still out on the widely-touted medical benefits of prostate massage, one thing is for sure: healthy sex is good for you. And for many men, prostate massage makes healthy sex — and specifically ejaculation — even better. Ergo, prostate massage is good for you!

But don’t take our word for it, listen to our site’s very own urologist, Dr. Joe: “Ejaculation helps reduce stress, potentially boosts immunity, can be a mood-elevator, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, and even helps you sleep better. Within the confines of a healthy lifestyle, I cannot recommend it enough.”

Sure, you can go au naturel with some manual exploration — whether on yourself or your partner — but the right purpose-made toy can elevate prostate massage to art form. Here’s why:

1. Fingers Aren’t Ideally Shaped

Loki Wave Obsidian Black4ed250e929c1cef8da792c0d1acbd0b0They can often be too short to reach the prostate. Long or rough fingernails can be not only uncomfortable, but downright unsafe when it comes to delicate anal tissue. And unless you’ve got sausage fingers, they probably lack the girth many male rectums enjoy. Purpose-made prostate massagers, on the other hand, are made with the male anatomy in mind: they’ve got the length and curve to effectively target the prostate (and sometimes the perineum, too), and if they’re made with high quality materials like body-safe silicone (which they should be), they’ll have a smooth, seamless texture that’s gentle on the rear. And with LELO’s newest massager, the Loki Wave (pictured here & above), it can actually replicate the “come hither” gesture that 9 out of 10 prostates prefer.* Now, for the first time, he can have his very own Rabbit!

*Not a scientific statistic but an excellent best guess.

2. Toys Can Be More Hygienic

LELO_Femme-Homme_LOKI_product_federal-blue_2x_0If you’re on the squeamish side and like a little distance between your hands and your (or your partner’s) fecal matter, then the right toy can provide it. While you might enjoy occasionally employing a pair of disposable latex gloves for a little sanitary doctor/patient roleplaying with your hands, nothing makes truly dirty play more refined than a beautiful pleasure object. Just make sure you invest in one that’s 100% waterproof and made of non-porous material for easy, thorough cleaning. You might find one with a handle like LELO’s Loki (pictured here) helpful, too. And if you’re really squeamish, remember you can always use a condom on your toy* (and you won’t ever have to hear it complaining about diminished sensation).

*In fact you should do this if you’re sharing your toy with more than one person.

3. Made-for-Play Toys Are Way Safer Than Found Items

LELO_Insignia_BRUNO_product-1_purple_2x_0Emergency room horror stories of foreign objects lodged in the rectum aren’t urban legends — they’re statistically significant! Not only do gherkins, flashlights, and other items without a flared base tend to get lost in the tush when inserted, they can also do serious damage if they have hard or sharp edges or rough seams. Quality toys designed with the delicate male rectal anatomy in mind — like the Bruno (pictured here) — will be supple, ergonomic, forgiving, and will always have a flared base or an extension that prevents the toy from getting sucked into your black hole.

4. Technology Is Fun…And Reliable

LELO_Insignia_HUGO_product-1_black_2xFingers can replicate vibration, but unless you’re an Olympic thumb wrestling champion, they can also run out of steam quite quickly. Indeed, they might not have the ability, will or patience to go through a series of routines with different paces and intensities until they find just the right one for your precious prostate. So forget your fingers, let your toys do the walking! As long as they’re charged, prostate pleasure objects can offer different vibration patterns and different power intensities for hours. You can hand the separate remote control over to your partner with LELO’s Hugo (pictured here), which use their Sense Motion technology. And LELO’s newest toy, the Loki Wave (above), not only offers the “come hither” gesture so beloved by prostates around the world, it’s got a second motor in the external extension for simultaneous perineal massage, so you can get at the prostate from two different directions, one internally and the other externally — try doing that with your own hands! (You can, but it’s a little bit like playing Twister.)

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