How to Use a Wand Massager

Wand massagers are often referred to as “back massagers,” with an emphasis on the quotation marks, a wink and a nudge indicating that the item is not used on the back but on areas more southerly. However, wands have all sorts of uses, both sensual and sexual.

Our favorite of the all-over-body massagers is the award-winning Smart Wand by LELO, a pleasure company that couldn’t make a bad product if they tried. Like all LELO products, their Smart Wand is well-designed, beautiful to behold, and made with high-quality body-safe materials; and unlike many other “back massagers,” is cordless, rechargeable, and whisper-quiet. Smart Wands also include SenseTouch technology: with the SenseTouch setting on, vibrations are activated upon contact with skin, letting them gradually build to stimulate tissue at increasingly deeper levels. And because Lelo wands are fully immersible up to a meter, you can bring them in the shower or tub no matter how you end up using them.

They Really Are Good For Back Massages!

A bigger massager like LELO’s Large Smart Wand features extra vibration power and added reach for getting at the muscles of your back. It’s the closest you can come to a professional massage from a licensed massage therapist. Plus, for the cost of one hour-and-a-half spa massage, you can give yourself practically unlimited in-home massages!

Treating Stubborn Stiffness or Pain

You can put a smaller wand like LELO’s Medium Smart Wand in your purse or gym bag to help on the spot with issues like a stiff neck at your office computer or a sore muscle after a workout. Lelo wands have 8 different vibe patterns which you can control the intensity of with the intuitive plus and minus buttons. You can also activate the SenseMotion technology, which reacts to touch and pressure, gradually building up intensity so you can ease into your massage and safely reduce pain.

Reduce Leg Swelling

After a long day on your feet, take a load off and minimize possible swelling in your legs with your wand. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a history of blood clots or suspect your leg pain may be caused by a blood clot, consult your physician before trying an electric massager on your legs.  But if you’re just feeling every day fatigue, you can try the following suggestions from LELO to relax relax your leg muscles and stimulate circulation:

  • Lie on your back with your feet in the air to start the blood flowing away from your calves and thighs (resting them against a wall would be the most comfortable way).
  • While in the position, gently press your massager on your calf near the ankle and slide it towards the joint behind your knee.
  • Repeat this lower calf to upper calf stroke a few times for each leg, and then move on to your thighs, stroking the wand over your thigh to your hips, pelvic region, and buttocks.

Finally, Yes, By All Means, Use It as a Reliable Sex Toy

Because wands — especially high quality ones like the Smart Wand — pack such a powerful punch, women who need a lot of stimulation to climax find them love savers. Others with more sensitivity find they prefer to use them over clothes or blankets or thin pillows to muffle the power a bit. Smart Wands have so much customizability in terms of vibration pattern and intensity, you’re sure to find a setting that works for you. You can use it alone on the clitoris or vulva (you can press it against your vaginal opening but we wouldn’t recommend insertion as the lip of the head could get wedged behind your pubic bone) or with a partner during play (the Large Smart Wand is good for reach-around positions, the Medium is good for face-to-face positions).

And of course, one of the best things about wand massagers are that if anyone — like a curious child or house guest — finds yours, you can truly call it a “back massager.”  (Not that you have anything to be ashamed of!)



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