5 Ways to Keep Sex Fresh and New — No, Seriously

photo by John Brawley

If you want to feel like it’s the very first time, then it’s important to keep sex surprising and try new things regularly. You can’t get lazy. So give the following steps a try every now and then. You might feel silly being “experimental,” but the occasional awkward moment is a small price to pay for unexpected pleasure. Worst-case scenario, you’ll crack yourselves up and won’t be able to carry on. Nothing wrong with that — sex should be funny every now and then.

1. Boss each other around in bed. You don’t have to break out the whips and chains to enjoy a little power play in the bedroom. Simply being bossy or being bossed around can be as sexy as handcuffs — and there’s no chafing! Instead of breaking out the rope, flip a coin to decide who has to lie still and hold onto the headboard. And then next time, switch places. Forcing a certain power structure gives you a break from all of the negotiating and stepping around boundaries that is so common in long-term relationships. Those things are great for a steady partnership, but in bed they can get a little dull.

2. Have sex away from the home. You don’t always have to experiment with a new activity to shake things up — simply taking an old favorite on the road can make it feel brand new. But don’t feel like you have to splurge on a week’s vacation at a five-star hotel — the point is not to do it in luxury, but to relocate to a place where long-term couples don’t tend to do it. Pitch a tent in your backyard or, if you live in a four-story walk-up, create a living room fort. Do it in the tiny guest bathroom at a crowded party (just make sure there’s not a long line before attempting that one). Find a friend in need of a house-sitter (just stay off their sheets). Do it in a cab, do it in your car, do it in the shower…With most of these places, it’s physically impossible to do it the same old way you would in bed. But if you’re particularly attached to your own four-poster, then just do it there on your lunch break.

3. Try a “69” with the woman on top, at least once. Some people find that mutual oral sex takes too much coordination and concentration, so they give it up for good. But 69 is a great way to extend foreplay naturally — and if one of you tends to get revved up faster than the other, then the other partner can tease and take little breaks so that you keep pace with each other. Having the woman on top lets her set the pace — because, in our experience, she’s usually the partner who needs more time. If your bodies just don’t fit together this way — or if you simply want to try something else new — then lie on your sides with your heads at opposite ends and exchange mutual stimulation with your hands instead.

4. Tell yourself or your partner a story during sex. Is there something you always thought you might like, but aren’t quite brave enough to try yet? Is there something that’s sexy in your mind’s eye though you’d never want to actually participate in it? Create the scenario in your head — or for your partner — during sex. And don’t worry, there’s zero evidence suggesting that if you think it or say it out loud, you’re actually going to do it! Fantasies are no-holds-barred. (Which means, by the way, that it’s not cheating on your partner to occasionally think of someone else while you do it.) So pick your favorite fantasy and next time you’re having sex, let your mind — or your mouth — wander there. By the way, if you’re feeling shy about sharing, consider this: saying a fantasy out loud makes it feel extra taboo and therefore hotter — and your partner may even be able to add a few sexy plot twists. Plus, once you’ve made it a joint fantasy, you can shop for accessories! Ever noticed how randy everyone gets at Halloween parties? It’s all about the wigs. In fact, a shared fantasy is one of the best ways to incorporate outfits into your sex life — it gives you a good reason to be dressed like that, and makes you feel less silly.

5. Include a quality sex toy in your budget. Next time you’re about to treat yourself to dinner and a movie, ask yourself if you could make do with a home-cooked meal and a Netflix for the sake of your sex life. A night on the town can easily cost more than a decent sex toy. And we’re not talking about silk teddies. We mean, something that buzzes or constrains or spanks — something to help you discover a new sensation in bed. Oh, and while you’re out shopping, upgrade your condoms: Base your purchases on pleasure as well as function, since they’re not all created equal. Consider size, thinness, material, and shape to get the best fit for your partner and you.

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  1. My partner and i brought a packet of shower curtain rings very good cock rings and i had to put them on with my mouth 😉 x

  2. @hava: to see through the feminist lies is the ultimate strength of all – which is what you fear most. should the betas wake up to the truth of what feminism/matriarchy is really about (hypergamy and alpha chasing while using the betas as a “free” support system) then your cake-and-eat it too party is over. hey, i say if teh wimminz want eqwality then lets give it to them – good and hard. If alphas don’t have to be “equal” and are allowed to be dominant (and are rewarded with sex as a result) then NO men should have to be “equal” to women – we should ALL get to be dominant/superior – and thus all get access to more of the sexual pie.

  3. In a cab? I can’t imagine how that would work. Only a really pervy cab driver would allow a couple to get it on while he’s driving, and who really wants to have sex while a perv is watching in the rearview mirror, anyway?

    I definitely agree with the “be bossy” part, though. I loooved when my ex would boss me around, tell me to shut up if I got too loud (while doing me even harder), and faux-force me to do things. Of course, all of this was very consensual, and he knew better than to boss me around or tell me to shut up outside of the bedroom. If I ever said “no” without that smile on my face that showed that I really meant yes, he’d stop.

  4. 5 ways for guys to keep it fresh:
    1.learn game/pua and find 5 new girls to have sex with.
    2.generally avoid committed relationships (especially marriage) as long as we live in the age of feminism.
    3.never be chivalrous to most women – be more of a bad boy (selfish, dominating, chauvanistic) – since most women don’t respect/not attracted to nice guys. if women are “equal” let them sink or swim on their own merits.
    4.only show your nice side to women who actually value nice guys and aren’t the typical alpha male worshipper. there are very few of these women out there, and consider having a relationship with such a woman should you find her.
    5.unite with other nice guys/beta males to stand up to matriarchy/feminism and how it hands most of the sex, women and social status to the “dominant” alpha males in the upper 20% of the hierarchy while expecting the bottom 80% (beta males) to be a free “egalitarian”(submissive) support system.

  5. By the way ,y husband love it when i boss him around during sex! And 69 drives him crazy 😉 good tips!

  6. Love ur article. I always love adventure in sex. My husband always buy me new toys and we both play with it. And i do the costume and lingerie and even dance for him. Closeness in sex or romance play a big role in a relationship and i can assure that. 😉

  7. Okay, the “…No Seriously” part was true! Great article. I’m game for all kinds of experimentation with my partner, if I had one, lol…roknrobin32

  8. Keeping sex adventurous is the way to go. It seems like I’m always looking for a new way, place or position. I especially enjoy #5. Sex toys are always great but they’re so much better when a guy is using them on me or when I use them on myself during intercourse.

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